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Money at the Root of Charter School Closings

According to Luis Huerta, indictments of charter school administrators are indicative of a national trend of allegations of nepotism and financial misdealings against them. "The majority of charter school closings that have occurred nationwide have been because of financial misappropriation," the professor of organization and leadership said. "It's seldom that students aren't learning or teachers aren't doing their job."

Because of the recent problems these schools have faced, states are now exercising more control over them. "When you have less oversight, you have more wiggle room for abuse," Huerta said. "What's happening now is we're beginning to reconcile the freedoms offered by the charter school movement versus the accountability that's required by the public. States have realized that full autonomy doesn't work."

The article, entitled "Pastor Arrested in Fraud Scheme Among Four Accused of Misappropriating Charter School Funds," appeared in the July 2 edition of the
Houston Chronicle.
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