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Encouraging Children's Spiritual Awareness

Dr. Lisa Miller, assistant professor of psychology and education, believes spiritual awareness can make a difference in children's lives.  "Having a spiritual grounding can help kids deal with crisis, resist peer pressure, and [as they get older] avoid negative influences such as drugs and alcohol," she said.  She also stated recent studies suggest  a relationship with a higher being is "the most protective element for your children."

Miller emphasized that how families define "higher being" may differ, but commented, "What's important is not the nomenclature, but the connection to something larger than the individual. With that sense of connection comes a sense of companionship, which in turn, makes kids more resilient to life's troubles, both big and small."

The article, entitled "Teaching Spirituality: Give Your Children a Lesson They Can Follow All Year," appeared in the December 2004 edition of Ebony.

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