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Data Used More and More to Improve Pedagogy


Madhabi Chatterji

According to Professor Chatterji, schools are using data more as the result of No Child Left Behind.

Madhabi Chatterji, associate professor of measurement, evaluation, and statistics in the TC's Department of Human Development, sees schools analyzing and comparing data more with the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act.  "The fact that they're using data to make improvements is a good thing," Chatterji said, but she also cautioned against changing curricula on the basis of test scores alone. 

"Tests used for accountability thinly sample the curriculum," she said, adding that tests intended to diagnose strengths and weaknesses in curricula focus more on specific skill sets. "That type of test is far more useful for instructional planning and decision-making," Chatterji said.

The article, entitled "Reams of School Data Find New Purpose as District 118 Tries to Improve State Ranking," appeared in the January 2 edition of The Star.
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