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Power Lunch

Bringing together scholarship students and the benefactors who make their education possible can be inspiring to both groups, but such meetings are all too rare. In April, TC hosted a donor luncheon at the Columbia-Princeton Club that allowed scholarship recipients and their generous financial supporters the opportunity to meet face to face.

As students and donors mingled, several speakers gave testament to the good that scholarships can do, both from the perspective of the giver and recipient. Elizabeth Witten, who graduated from TC in 1997 and who has created the Witten Family Scholarship Fund with her husband, spoke about the lessons she learned at TC and as a second grade teacher. When she graduated, Witten "had no doubt that I was leaving with the tools to be a good teacher," she said. "My husband and I are very lucky that we are able to provide support."

Sacks scholar Diana Yassanye, who founded TC Students for Sexual Health, spoke about how donor support motivates students like her to reach their potential.


"Power Lunch: Scholarship Recipients, Donors Celebrated" with Multimedia (Inside TC Newsletter, June 2004)

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