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Institute Focuses on Helping Harlem Parents



The Institute for Urban and Minority Education takes it message of educational achievement to parents in Harlem.

TC's campaign to reform education in Harlem points to the importance of learning that occurs both in and out of the classroom.  ''What we are trying to do in the black community and Latino community is to build a commitment to intellect," said Professor Edmund Gordon, founder and director of the College's Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME).

Aiming to reduce the gap in achievement between minority and White students, IUME works to teach African American parents in Harlem the habits of their affluent counterparts that include ongoing involvement in their children's schooling experiences.  To support its cause, the Institute has also launched a public awareness campaign to promote the idea that school alone does not guarantee academic success.

The article, entitled "Black Parents Tackle a Gap," appeared in the March 28 edition of The Boston Globe.

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