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New Mission Amplifies Long-Standing Purpose at Teachers College

New language for an old cause - both for the College and the Campaign for Educational Equity

During the past year, a strategic planning implementation committee charged with birthing the Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College has hammered out new mission statements for both the Campaign and the college itself.

The new mission statement for Teachers College now reads:

"Teachers College is dedicated to promoting equity and excellence in education and overcoming the gap in educational access and achievement between the most and least advantaged groups in this country. Through programs of teaching, research, and service, the College draws upon the expertise of a diverse community of faculty in education, psychology, and health, as well as students and staff from across the country and around the world."

Yet educational equity "has always been our mission," says TC's President, Arthur Levine. "Teachers College was founded in the late 19th century because the city mothers of New York were alarmed at the plight of immigrant children who were unable break the bonds of poverty. The schools at that time weren't equipped to help those children, so the women decided to create an institution that would prepare a new breed of teacher, capable of educating the disadvantaged."

The college is launching the Campaign for Educational Equity, Levine said, "because we believe we must do more to materially affect policy and practice. This isn't a think tank or an institute or a center; it's a Campaign, because the goal, very simply put, is to make things happen."

To that end, the mission for the TC's newly launched Campaign for Educational Equity reads:

"The Campaign for Educational Equity is the public voice, research and action arm of Teachers College, dedicated to promoting equity through improved policy and practice."

"Educational equity is a huge area and we wanted to stake out Teachers College's particular orientation to it," said Margaret Crocco, Associate Professor of Social Studies and Education. Crocco was one of six members of the "Noah's ark"-style Committee, which included two faculty members (the other was Chuck Basch, Richard March Hoe Professor of Psychology and Education), two administration members (Levine, and Darlyne Bailey, Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs) and Board of Trustees co-chairs Jack Hyland and Bill Rueckert.  "We also wanted to clarify the broader focus of the college and the specific role that the Campaign will play."

Finally, the strategic planning committee has also created a new "tag line" for the college - a short, motto-like phrase that will soon appear on the school's Web site, stationery and other materials. It reads:

"Educational equity - a moral imperative for the 21st century."

The author of that statement: Crocco herself.

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