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Students Share Insight on What Makes a Good Teacher

Thanks to help from a TC student and professor, New Jersey freshmen have published their reflections on what makes a good teacher.  Students recently shared excerpts from their essays, published in an anthology entitled "Chalk Bored: Student Reflections on Education," with an audience of peers, parents and educators at the College.  Susan D'Elia, an M.A. student who is a second-year teacher at Manchester Regional School, developed the project.  "It's fun because the kids get their own book," she said. "They open it up and turn to the table of contents to see their name."

The collection of writings was published by the Student Press Initiative, a non-profit publishing company started by Erick Gordon, an instructor in the Department of Arts and Humanities.  Students raised the $1,500 needed for printing costs by soliciting donations from local businesses.  The books are on sale for $5 at Manchester.

The article, entitled "Never Too Young to Teach," appeared June 10 on

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