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Carter Examines the Effects of Racism



Dr. Robert Carter will examine the impact of racism to determine its effects on individuals' mental well-being.

Professor Robert Carter of the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology is conducting a nationwide online survey to determine how racism has impacted the lives of respondents.  ''Do people experience racial discrimination as trauma? If so, what is their redress?  There is a mental health and legal component. If someone has experienced racial discrimination or harassment, what can they do?'' Carter asked.

Despite the fact that there have been three amendments to the U.S. Constitution regarding racial discrimination and harassment as well as seven civil rights acts, many people who bring cases before the court still lose.  ''I can't find a specific policy in an institution dealing with racial discrimination," Carter stated.  "They say they have a policy, but nothing is in writing."  He will examine the effects of these experiences on mental health and said diagnosing and treating the potential traumatic impact of racism may be easier if better understood in the mental health and legal systems.

The article, entitled "Racial Discrimination Becomes Traumatic," appeared in the June 20 edition of Indian Country Today.

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