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Rebell with a New Cause


Rebell with a New Cause

"...the single most qualified individual in the country to head work of this kind."

"We're here today to launch a new organization that will tackle the most urgent issue in education." Teachers College President Arthur Levine spoke these words at a news conference in June to announce the launch of The Campaign for Educational Equity, a new effort by TC to narrow the gap in educational access and achievement between America's most and least advantaged students. (See story on TC's new mission statement)

Calling him "the single most qualified individual in the country to head work of this kind," Levine introduced Michael A. Rebell, the director of the new Campaign. Rebell has served for 13 years as Executive Director and Co-Counsel for the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE), the organization he co-founded with New York City Council member Robert Jackson. Rebell helped lead the way as CFE won a series of well-publicized school finance lawsuits in New York State courts, culminating with last fall's decision recommending that the state pay New York City $5.6 billion in school operating funds and $9.2 billion in school facilities funds.

Rebell will lead TC's Campaign as it gathers and creates new research on educational equity, disseminates information to the people who need to know about it, and tests new ideas in real classrooms. Success will be measured by the Campaign's ability to keep educational equity on the national agenda, increase public understanding, and become the principal source of information on equity for policy makers and the press.

Joining Rebell in leading the Campaign is Laurie M. Tisch,  a TC trustee who will serve as Chair of the Campaign's board.

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