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Feel Good With Light

Post-holiday blues are not uncommon in any climate, but in parts of the nation where gray days combine with either rain or snow, the importance of light is especially significant. If you question the emotional effects of light, consider the advice of world-renowned radio host Dr. Judy Kuriansky. She says that light can increase your energy, elevate your mood and facilitate more healthful sleep patterns and create a romantic atmosphere.

"The key to a good relationship is creativity and flexibility," Dr. Judy says. "Light has a tremendous effect on mental health-'there are early birds and night owls."

Perhaps most widely known as a radio call-in therapist, Dr. Judy is an adjunct professor at the Clinical Psychology Program at Columbia University Teachers College and at the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia Medical Center.

This article, written by Christine Brun, appeared in the January 4th, 2006 publication of the Copley News Service.

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