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No Charter School Left Behind

Governor George Pataki, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chancellor Joel Klein and other New York officials are in a huge hurry to raise the state limit on the number of charter schools, now set at 100. Bolstered by a growing demand for these more autonomous schools and some positive charter school test scores results in New York City, they seem to think that the more charter schools, the better for the children of our city and state.

But recent research suggests that not all charter schools are created equal, and that New York policymakers should focus more on the quality of existing charter schools and on how to support the good ones before they call for an expansion.

This article, written by Amy Stuart Wells, appeared in the January 24th, 2006 publication of The New York Times. Stuart Wells is a professor of Sociology and Education at Columbia University's Teachers College and the author of "Where Charter School Policy Fails."

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