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New York City Will Add Schools to Ease Overcrowding

New York City will build or expand 70 schools and add room for 70,000 more students to ease overcrowding, schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein said. The city, with 1.1 million public school students, is moving forward with building plans after state lawmakers last month approved $6.5 billion in spending for construction and renovation, half of a $13 billion plan proposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city council.

Many schools face overcrowded classrooms amid a rise in immigration and the decision by more families to remain in the city instead of moving to the suburbs.

"You have kids who are having classes in a hallway or in places inappropriate for learning,'' said Thomas Sobol, a professor of education at Columbia University's Teachers College, in an interview. "The new schools will provide a setting in which sound teaching and learning can flourish."

This article, written by Patrick Cole, appeared on April 18th, 2006 on

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