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Court's Power at Issue in New York School Aid Case

Three weeks after winning its latest victory in the courts, the New York City-based legal-advocacy group that represents the plaintiffs is still waiting for the final resolution to the lawsuit, filed in 1993. It seeks additional operating money for schools in the city.

Without a final resolution in sight, participants and observers are saying that the ultimate solution to the case will rely on the politicians who decide how to appropriate money, not the judges who declare whether enough is being spent.

"Even the New York legislature, with all of its resistance and dysfunction, if you keep the pressure on, the legislature will get the message," said Mr. Rebell, who was the CFE'S executive director from 1993 until last year. He is now the executive director of the Campaign for Educational Equity, an effort to help eliminate achievement gaps between minority and white students, based at Teachers College, Columbia University.

This article, written by David Hoff, appeared in the April 12th, 2006 publication of Education Week.

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