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Babies Boogie Down With Parents

Parents looking for nontraditional ways to spend time with their children are flocking to Baby Loves Disco, an afternoon dance party in which prekindergarten tots get to help their parents relive the disco heyday while exploring the wonders of music.

At a time when the frenzy to find the most developmentally appropriate activity is at a fever pitch, Baby Loves Disco offers a step into the past, at least in sound.

Maria R. Brassard, associate professor of psychology and education at Columbia University's Teachers College, sees a place for Baby Loves Disco. "Intergenerational activities are very good for families," she said. "And anytime children can have a good time in a healthy way it's a good thing."

This article, written by Charlotte Maitre, appeared in the April 25th, 2006 publication of Columbia News Service.

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