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CCRC Releases Groundbreaking Book on Challenges Facing Community Colleges

The Community College Research Center (CCRC), the leading independent authority on the nation's 1,200 community colleges, has released Defending the Community College Equity Agenda, the most in-depth look at the challenges confronting community colleges.  Edited by Dr. Thomas Bailey and Dr. Vanessa Smith Morest, both of CCRC, the book examines the economic, political and social challenges that have made it increasingly difficult for two-year institutions, despite the commitment and dedicated work of their faculty and staff, to ensure that all students have an equal shot at college preparation, access and success. Central to these challenges is the loss of state funding, which has not only caused an increase in tuition rates for students, but has also made it difficult for colleges to maintain the teaching and services necessary for their growing and increasingly diverse student body.  

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