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Open Enrollment Decision

The Clark County School Board has unanimously voted to allow Open School Enrollment in the North East region. Parents in the region will be able to request that their child attend schools that available open seats outside of their regular school zone. Superintendent Marsha Irvin says they are looking at this from the perspective of academic competition, parent satisfaction, and student engagement. The superintendent and transportation department are still reviewing the potential cost of transporting students to schools of their choice. Professor Luis Huerta from Teachers College, Columbia University states that this raises important issues of equity and how schools are going to serve students across the district, especially those who have high needs. Huerta urges that in implementing this policy, the district should remain aware of current research which shows that more choice does not lead to more equitable or higher quality schools. He says that it's important that administrators provide the tools necessary for all families in the district to make the correct choices about schools for their children.

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