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Quotes by Inauguration Greeters


Joel Klein, Chancellor, New York City Schools

Joel Klein, Chancellor, New York City Schools

Jewelnel Davis, University Chaplain, Columbia University
“Susan Fuhrman is committed to all that justice requires in education. President Fuhrman possesses what is needed the moral courage of leadership She will stand up for what is right and what she knows to be just and necessary for our children.”

Albert Cousins, President of the TC Student Senate
“Please relish the notion that we, the current students of Teachers College, under your leadership, are “Living the Legacy.” Students come to TC because they are eager to fulfill the mission of Teachers College and the ideals that you represent.”

Connie McQueen (TC union staff representative)
“Dr. Fuhrman, I bring greetings of hope and trust from the unionized staff. We pride ourselves as one of the main forces of justice in the community, and we pledge to continue that role with your leadership.”

Maureen Horgan (TC professional staff)
“It is a great honor to welcome home, an illustrious graduate and the first woman president of Teachers College. My colleagues and I pledge our support, the wealth of our varied skills and expertise in our ongoing efforts to joining you in your ambitious agenda at the College.”

Andre McKenzie (President, TC Alumni Council)
“There is a great feeling of pride that extends across the alumni community as we welcome one of our very own to the helm of TC. We share a common thread with you Dr Fuhrman. We are all beneficiaries of the legacy of Teachers College and stand ready to be with you in developing new initiatives and continue the legacy which is close to the heart of the alumni community.”

Lambros Comitas, Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee
“Teachers College is fortunate in its choice of leader. In Susan Fuhrman, it has selected a scholar of distinction, one actively involved with research and social action. Perhaps most importantly, the college selected a person of compassion concerned not only with scholarly accomplishments—an individual who firmly believes, as does this faculty, that there are fewer things more beautiful than a university.”

Judith Rodin, President, Rockefeller Foundation
“I knew that she was a leading authority on school reform; I knew that she was a scholar of the first rank, but I became so much more impressed by her commitment to put research into practice. Susan and I shared the idea that Penn could only become a preeminent educational institution if it addressed educational problems in its own backyard.”

Donna Shalala, President, the University of Miami
“We welcome this daughter of New York. We welcome her home to the city she loves and to the college where her dreams were made and professional career began. We welcome her as an extraordinary leader of American education. We welcome her for her demonstrated scholarly brilliance in teaching. And we welcome her certainly as the best dressed president TC will ever have.”

Joel Klein, Chancellor, New York City Schools
“On behalf of the mayor of the City of New York and the New York City Department of Education, I bring greetings and a sincere sense of enthusiasm and hope. We have an achievement gap, almost 53 years after Brown versus Board of Education and on racial and ethnic grounds that is the moral shame of this nation. I think Susan Fuhrman understands the depth, challenge, importance of the role that teachers college and other institutions need to play if we are to meet the challenge that faces this great nation. Susan I am sure will take us to an entirely different height.”

Lee Bollinger, President Columbia University
“We’re independent institutions within a common structure and most importantly. We share a bond of educational and intellectual kinship reinforced by a common heritage and a special, physical space.”

Edmund Gordon, Richard March Hoe Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education
“Susan, the Trustees have chosen you to lead this College. You have the privilege as well as the responsibility of leading this great university with a proud heritage and an exciting future. Your experience well qualifies you for the job. On behalf of everyone here today, as well as the entire Teachers College community, I wish you every success.”

William Rueckert, Co-Chair, TC Board of Trustees
“On behalf of all those present and all those who have sent their regards, we wish for you a long and successful career in this special office which you now hold. Our best wishes and support will be with you in the days ahead as you guide Teachers College to an even greater future in service to humankind.”

Jack Hyland, Co-Chair TC Board of Trustees
“Trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, representatives of learning societies around the world—thank you for sharing in this historic moment in the life of Teachers College.”

Steven M. Brown, Dean, William Davidson Graduate School, Jewish Theological Seminary
“Dr. Fuhrman, thank you for the history—our history—and for painting our future. I think I speak for everyone in saying ‘Congratulations’ and ‘They picked the right person for the job.”

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