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Rock & Roll Speaks Truths with Power

 For decades, parents have worried that the lyrics to rock music are corrupting their children and poisoning their minds. But what of the many pearls those lyrics may express? In his new book, "Rock ‘n’ Roll Wisdom: What Psychologically Astute Lyrics Teach About Life and Love," Barry Farber, a Professor of Psychology and Education at Columbia University’s Teachers College, analyzes rock lyrics for their psychological truths.


“Rock lyrics, I believe, can be a lighthearted but engaging means to think about some profound issues of living,” Farber writes. “Specifically, I have looked for lyrics that illustrate in particularly insightful ways common human longings and concerns.”


“The better lyricists within the rock tradition tell stories about life and use creative phrases and imagery to do so,” he says. “Like other artists, great songwriters offer the virtue of a more palatable way of learning than through the often-tedious pages of textbooks.”


This article appeared in the August 23, 2007 edition of the newswise.

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