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The Brantley Awards: Helping the Spirit of Community Endure


brantlry 2007

This year's recipients: Stacy Thomas (l) and Sarah Phillips (r).


Sarah Phillips and Stacy Thomas are this year's recipients

"The events of last week bring home the importance of recognizing individuals who inspire us to treat each other with respect and dignity," said Janice Robinson, TC's general counsel and Executive Director of the Office of Diversity and Community -- and so saying to the audience at the State of the College meeting in October, she announced this year's winners of the annual Elaine Brantley Memorial Award for Community and Civility. One was Sarah Phillips, Administrative Coordinator at the Community College Research Center. Robinson praised Phillips, who has worked at TC since 1986, as "a model of civility, kindness, courtesy and helpfulness," adding "It seems impossible to know as many people as Sarah knows-' TC is family for Sarah and she treats everyone with the same respect."

The other winner was Stacy Thomas, Data Information Clerk with Academic Computing, who has been a TC employee since 1984. Robinson described Thomas as "the rare person who puts herself at risk to make TC better. She is a mother figure to many TC community members. She is very direct, honest and not afraid to give tough love. It is hard not to be inspired by Stacy."

The Brantley award is given to staff that go beyond the expectations of their position to promote a culture of civility at the College. It comes with a $400 stipend. The award is named for Elaine Webster Brantley, a much beloved cashier in the TC cafeteria for 24 years who passed away in 2003.

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