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The Designer Baby ... Genetic Breakthrough?


Jeanne Brooks-Gunn on the Mike and Judy Show

Jeanne Brooks-Gunn was a guest on the Morning Show with Mike and Judy discussing why creating the perfect baby using DNA is causing controversy, and the impact it can have on the children.

TC's Jeanne Brooks-Gunn of National Center for Children and Families, was interviewed on  " the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet "  about designer babies—children conceived with advanced reproductive technologies that allow parents to modify or choose specific characteristics of their child. Brooks-Gunn discussed  why creating  " the perfect baby "  using DNA is causing controversy, and the impact this can have on these children. The program was broadcasted live from the FOX studios in New York on February 12, 2008.

Watch online at: http://www.mandjshow.com/videos/genetic-breakthrough/

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