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Alumni Council President Message

Dear Fellow Alumni,

 Being part of the TC Community continues to be a rewarding experience in so many ways—as when I had the pleasure of personally congratulating the five recipients of TC’s Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner held in their honor last fall. These outstanding people truly embody the best of what we alumni have to offer.

At the same time, TC itself continues to grow and innovate in ways that amaze and inspire.

New partnerships are forming with schools in the surrounding community with TC alumni developing and delivering a series of educational workshops for neighborhood parents.

The College, which gave birth to the field of Comparative and International Education, is increasing its global scope by reconnecting alumni groups in London, China, Japan, Turkey and Greece and reviving the International Alumni Network (IAN) with two talented members, Emmanuel Leyco in the Philippines and Sarah Pouzevara in France, joining the network this year.

On Sunday, March 16—eve of the weeklong annual meeting of the Comparative International Education Society (to be held this year at TC under the auspices of TC faculty member and CIES president-elect Henry Levin)—TC hosts a special Alumni Day, recognizing and reflecting upon graduate accomplishments, “Celebrating our Past, Looking to our Future.”

And the Alumni Council’s International Outreach Committee, led by Dr. Patrick McGuire, now includes U.S.-based alumni and students with scholarly and professional interests in international affairs in its programming.

With ever-increasing frequency, TC is coming to your neighborhood—San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., and more—and establishing local clubs, programs and partnerships.

As part of the College’s concerted effort to be where its alumni need it, you can even continue your TC experience online, through courses, workshops and degree programs offered through the Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation.

TC continues to view us, its alumni, as its standard bearers—its champions. And with each passing year, I am prouder to be part of our community of intellectuals, educators, doers and adventurers. This is truly an exciting time to be an alum of Teachers College!


Alice Wilder, Alumni Council President


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