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Babies: Celebrities' new fashion accessory

famous parents have joined the bandwagon to give exclusive access to their kids in return for seven-figure paycheques .

"Celebrities are archetypes for cultural phenomenon. There was a period when big actresses didn't want to have a child and have their bodies go out of whack, but that's shifted. It's become cool to have a baby. You can do it and still be a rock star," The New York Daily news quoted Dr. Judy Kuriansky, a psychology professor at Columbia University's Teachers College, as saying.

This wider cultural fascination with celebrity babies has been partly attributed to the weak economy, political uncertainty and a search for refuge and comfort

"It's reassuring when stars do things people can relate to, like having babies and changing diapers. It's an affirmation," said Kuriansky.

The article, "Babies: Celebs' new fashion accessory!” appeared at July 29th on "The Times of India"
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