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Championing Lifelong Learning, Alberta Strage


Championing Lifelong Learning, Alberta Strage

Alberta Strage (M.A., Guidance and Student Personnel Administration, 1962), who has served on TC's President Advisory Council and the College's first International Advisory Committee, advises current students to seek international experience, to learn at least one other language fluently, and "to whatever one devotes one's time and effort, do it with passion. By doing so, your life will be enriched and the lives of those around you.”

“I have great faith in education,” says Alberta Strage (M.A., 1962). Her life since earning a master’s in Guidance and Student Personnel Administration from TC is eloquent testimony to that statement. A resident of London for the past four and a half decades, Strage was a longtime member of member of the U.S.-U.K. Fulbright Commission, which administers Fulbright Awards between the two countries, and has served on its Advisory Board.
She created and was Chair of the Yale University-affiliated British Holocaust Archive of Video Testimonies, which collected oral histories from 150 Holocaust survivors living in Britain. She is a trustee of the Holocaust Education Trust, which, among its many activities, sponsors two students from every school throughout the U.K. on an educational trip to Auschwitz each year in order to teach them about the past and increase their awareness of racism, anti-Semitism and genocide.
With her husband, Strage also is deeply involved with the Alberta and Henry Strage Foundation, which supports educational projects at TC, Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, Brandeis University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Colby College, Bronx High School of Science and elementary schools in Ladakh and Thailand. In addition, Strage is considering pursuing a Ph.D. from Oxford to investigate the relevance of Holocaust survivors’ testimonies to their grandchildren’s generation.
Since 2007, Strage has served on TC President Susan Fuhrman’s Advisory Council and on the College’s first International Advisory Committee. Her advice to current students, beyond an exhortation to seek international experience and learn at least one other language fluently: “To whatever one devotes one’s time and effort, do it with passion. By doing so, your life will be enriched and the lives of those around you.”
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