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New Report by TC-Based Researchers Explores Learning Progressions in Science


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A new report by the Center on Continuous Instructional Improvement – a Teachers College-based arm of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education, whose founding director is the College’s President, Susan Fuhrman – explores the concept of learning progressions and their promise for improving science instruction in American schools to the point where all students can meet desired performance standards. Learning progressions in science, as described by the report’s authors, Thomas Corcoran, Frederic Mosher and Aaron Rogat, are “empirically grounded and testable hypotheses” for describing “pathways students are likely to follow to the mastery of core concepts.” The progressions are “based on research about how students’ learning actually progresses given appropriate instruction – as opposed to simply selecting sequences of topics and learning experiences based only on logical analysis of current disciplinary knowledge and/or on personal experience and customary practice in teaching.”
Click here to view the report, “Learning Progressions in Science: An Evidence-based Approach to Reform.”

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