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In honor and In memory

With deep appreciation, we gratefully recognize the following donors who have made gifts to Teachers College in memory or in honor of friends, family and faculty.
In Honor
In Honor of Leslie Beebe
Janice Dowd, Ed.D.
Tomoko Takahashi
In Honor of Davida Blake-Riedel
Marianne S. Hughes
In Honor of William Croasdale
New England Institute of Technology
In Honor of Susan H. Fuhrman
Noah D. Drezner
In Honor of Carroll A. Grece
Ann C. Grece*
In Honor of Pearl Rock Kane
The Belsky-Doyle-Polikoff-Troubh
Family Fund
James T. Justice IV
Benjamin T. Whitman, Ed.D.
In Honor of John Klingenstein
Joyce B. Cowin
Peggy F. Weinberger
In Honor of Jill G. Schiffman
Greenspan Foundation
In Honor of Cynthia D. Sculco
Jonathan Brand
In Honor of Sue Stoffel
Michiko S. Grasso
In Honor of Leslie H. Todtfeld
Mark Todtfeld
In Memory
In Memory of Nelta Blackstock
N. Lovice Hinsdale
In Memory of Dorothy E. Brandt
Mary K. Brandt
Elizabeth K. Brandt
In Memory of Michael Brick
William L. Boyle, Jr., Ed.D.
In Memory of Albert R. Brinkman
Janet K. Brinkman
In Memory of Lucia L. Capodilupo
Lucy Ruiz
In Memory of Selma Coburn
Barbara D. Mackey
In Memory of Natalie R. Dickstein
Stanley R. Dickstein
In Memory of Sydney R. Grant
Amelia Brown
In Memory of Dr. Priska Gysin
Carol and Ira Garber
Susan R. Koff
Erika Levy
Daniel Peier
Robert J. Schwarz
Kyoko J. Tanaka
In Memory of Elizabeth P. Hagen
James O. Mintz, Ed.D.
In Memory of Milton C. Hillhouse
Gladys S. Hillhouse
In Memory of Robert A. Johnston
Louise Johnston
In Memory of Dr. Margaret Lindsey
Dorothy Townsend Robertson
In Memory of J. M. Magill
Kirk Magill
In Memory of James P. Matthai
Hazel M. Matthai
In Memory of James M. Milligan
Karen J. Blank, Ed.D.
In Memory of Maurice B. Morrill, Ed.D.
Anna C. Morrill
In Memory of A. Harry Passow
Deborah Passow Yaffe
In Memory of David M. Price
Luana U. Aul
Joan C. Barth
Eileen Block
Bernadine Chucoski
Grace Eubank
Lauren Gibbs
Barbara A. Keller
Barbara A. Kelly and Robert T. Kelly
Brooke P. Lipskin
Janice MacKenzie
David D. Miles and William A. Camp
Joy Nash and James A. Nash
National Information Solutions
Cooperative Employees and
Board of Directors
Anna Price
Elizabeth Register-Elbrecht
JL Shapiro Associates, Inc.
Diane S. Sheehan and
James T. Sheehan
Suzanne Vass and Bruce R. Taylor
Marion M. Ullrich
Donna J. Votto and Michael J. Votto, III
Donna R. Watson
In Memory of Barbara A. Principe
Maryann Parrott
In Memory of Anne B. Rogers
Susan G. Rogers
In Memory of Mary A. Rose
Delories Johnson
In Memory of Edith N. Weinberg
James L. Weinberg
In Memory of Leslie R. Williams
Anne F. Jaden
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