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Special Issue of Economics Journal Celebrates Levin's 70th Birthday


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Henry Levin

To commemorate the 70th birthday of Henry Levin, TC’s William H Kilpatrick Professor of Economics & Education, his colleagues compiled a Festschrift, which is a volume of articles, in his honor. Levin’s Festschrift is the April 2010 edition of the Economics of Education Review (Volume 29, Issue 2, Pages 165-318), featuring contributions of Levin’s doctoral advisees and his fellow professors, including TC faculty members. The journal has previously published more than 300 of Levin’s articles; in addition to writing the lead article for the very first issue, Levin has also served on the Economics of Education Review editorial board since it was founded.

“In four decades of teaching, Hank has introduced thousands of graduate students to the economics of education,” writes Clive Belfield, Associate Professor of Economics at Queens College, in the preface to the special issue. Belfield, with Levin, co-directs, TC’s Center for Cost-Benefit Studies of Education. “Emphasizing his role as a teacher and not a policeman, Hank's teaching style mirrors his research practice: focus not on the research's technical sophistication or novelty but its more straightforward meaning in the real world. As a testament to Hank’s teaching, many of his students have themselves become influential in education research, policy, and practice.”

Belfield’s preface can be viewed at An overview of the Festschrift articles can be viewed here, and are available to download on a pay-per-view basis.previous page