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Go Slow on Following Florida Reforms, TC's Chatterji Says


Madhabi Chatterji

Madhabi Chatterji

Madhabi Chatterji, Associate Professor of Measurement-Evaluation and Education, says a recent Heritage Foundation report endorsing Florida’s education reforms is based on flawed data analysis.
LINK to story:  Go slow on following Florida reforms, researcher says

Find a press release by the National Education Policy Center.
Find Madhabi Chatterji’s review on the NEPC website.
Find Closing the Racial Achievement Gap: Learning from Florida’s Reforms by Matthew Ladner and Lindsey Burke on the web.
Find a link to Kevin Welner's blog, from NEPC at the University of Colorado, and discussions on the issue.
THE WASHINGTON POST ONLINE  Dec 2, 2010 - Florida’s public school system is frequently held up as an exemplary example of how specific school reforms -- vouchers, charter schools, high-stakes standardized tests, etc. -- can improve student achievement. … A new review of the report, by Madhabi Chatterji of Teachers College at Columbia University, questioning its methodology and citing flaws that undermine its key conclusions.

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