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Neurocognition of Language Lab Engaged in Multidisciplinary Research on Prolonged Grief

Karen Froud, Associate Professor of Speech and Language Pathology and Director of the Neurocognition of Language Lab is collaborating with George Bonanno, Professor of Psychology and Education and Director of the Loss, Trauma and Emotion Lab on an NIH funded longitudinal study of the predictors and diagnostic markers of Prolonged Grief.

The study will recruit adults ages 25-65 in North America who have lost a spouse in the past three to four months and track them over a 25-month period, during which they will complete a battery of questionnaires and participate in a series of interviews and experimental and neuropsychological procedures.

The Neurocognition of Language Lab recently upgraded its dense array EEG system to allow for enhanced simultaneous study of the central and peripheral nervous system. The new EEG system, produced by Electrical Geodesics, features 128 HydroCel Geodesic Sensors for EEG  recording with an additional seven peripheral sensors designed to record ECG (electrocardiogram), EMG (electromyogram), respiration (effort, temperature, and pressure), and body position.

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