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Tomorrow Only: Check Out The MeYouZeum


The MeYouZeum

The MeYouZeum

Tomorrow only — Saturday, April 28 — from 10 am to 3 pm in Grace Dodge Hall 449, check out The MeYouZeum, an interactive, collaborative, participatory museum exhibit with learning stations that explore notions of home and identity. The MeYouZeum challenges visitors to contemplate questions such as Who am I? Who do others think I am? Who am I becoming? Where is home? What is home? What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be black? What are my three passions? How did I come to believe the things I believe?

The MeYouZeum was conceived and staged by Brittany Lynk, who is receiving her MA in International Education Development in May, as her  Integrated Project, growing out of a TC course, "Education in Community Settings: Museums," and also out of the course "Family as Educator," taught by Hope Leichter. Lynk collaborated on the exhibit with Martta Sareva, a first-year student in the same program, together with Yigal Kotler, a doctoral student at Union Theological Seminary.

Specific exhibits include workstations focused on memories of food; questions that people ask of each other when they first meet, and what those questions really mean; a "Grafitti Tree Wall," with spray paint, for recording childhood memories. The exhibit room also features a Mongolian yurt -- a portable, wood-framed dwelling -- simply to remind viewers that there are multiple concepts of "home."
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