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Volume VIII, No. 7 ♦ 3/2003

  • Budget Crunch 2003 - 2004: Putting the College First

    What it all comes down to is making some tough choices to present the College's Board of Trustees with a balanced budget for next year.
    Published: 4/1/2003

  • Amy Stuart Wells Discusses “The Many Faces of School Choice Policy”

    Despite heightened media attention given to issues of school choice since the 1990s and again with the passage of "No Child Left Behind," for the last five decades states and districts around the country have generated an ever-expanding menu of school choice options, according to Amy Stuart Wells, Professor of Sociology and Education at TC.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • Chatterji Talks about Making and Taking Tests

    With the increasing importance placed on testing, it's necessary to look at how tests and assessment tools are designed and the quality of data they yield. Madhabi Chatterji, Associate Professor of Measurement, Evaluation, and Education does just that.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • Teachers Learn To “Wage Peace” In Difficult Times

    “The Art of Conflict Resolution: Waging Peace in Our Global Classrooms,” TC’s fourth annual conflict resolution conference, brought together a diverse group of educators—from urban schoolteachers to suburban superintendents—to learn how to “wage peace,” whether in a large school district or within a single school building.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • The Klingenstein Center Celebrates 25th Anniversary

    What is the Klingenstein Center and what have they been doing for the last 25 years? Under the direction of Pearl Rock Kane, recently named the Klingenstein Family Chair for the Advancement of Independent Schools, the Center has become renowned for preparing independent school administrators and teachers for increased leadership roles.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • TC, UNICEF and the Afghan Government Propose a National Academy of Education in Kabul

    After a three-day visit to the College in early March by a delegation from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) consisting of Waheed Hassan, the U.N Education Program Secretariat for Afghanistan, Richard Navarro, UNICEF’s Education Program Consultant and a representative from the Afghan government, Najmuddin Saqib, representing the Afghan Ministry of Education and its Minister Mohammmed Yunis Qanooni, Teachers College has been called on once again in its history to support curriculum development, teacher training and systemic educational reform.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • In the Spotlight: Edmund W. Gordon and the Institute for Urban and Minority Education

    The Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) is undergoing a renaissance under the leadership of founding director Edmund W. Gordon.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • Sonia Nieto: BookTalk at Barnard

    Since half of all new public school teachers will leave the profession within their first five years of teaching, Sonia Nieto wondered about the ones who stay. Nieto, Professor of Language, Literacy and Culture at the School of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, looked at this issue closely and wrote about it in her book What Keeps Teachers Going (In Spite of Everything)?
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • TC’s Two New Trustees

    Two leading businessmen have recently joined the TC Trustees—Bruce Wilcox, Chairman of Cumberland Associates LLC, one of the nation’s oldest hedge funds; and Steven Wechsler, Senior Managing Director of Tishman Speyer Properties, a leading owner, builder and re-developer of real estate.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • Judith Berman Brandenburg Remembered

    Milbank Chapel was overflowing with friends, family, colleagues, and former students of Professor Judith Berman Brandenburg, who passed away on January 26 from colon cancer at age 61.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • Portable Computing in Assessing Mathematics Learning

    A two-year grant from National Science Foundation has provided the first in a suite of tools designed to help teachers assess the way elementary students learn mathematics.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • TC at National Health Education Advocacy Summit

    Professor of Health Education John Allegrante and his Social Policy and Prevention Course traveled to Washington, DC, to participate in the Sixth Annual National Health Education Advocacy Summit from March 8th to10th.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • Peace Corps 42nd Anniversary

    More than 60 people stopped by for the 42nd anniversary of the founding of the U.S. Peace Corps on February 28th in the Private Dining Room.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • 4th Annual APPLE Lecture in Applied Linguistics

    The TESOL and Applied Linguistics Program presented the 4th Annual APPLE (Applied Linguistics and Language Education) Lecture on March 7th.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • In Brief

    Brief updates on two students
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • A Taste of Harlem at TC

    The second annual “A Taste of Harlem” took place in the TC Cafeteria on February 27th.
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • Personnel

    new personnel
    Published: 3/1/2003

  • Residence Hall Construction

    Teachers College is building a new two-building dormitory to house their graduate students.
    Published: 3/1/2003