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Volume IX, No. 3 ♦ 10/2003

  • James Garbarino: The 2003 Marx Lecturer Speaks on Bullying, Harassment and Emotional Violence

    Garbarino, this year’s Marx Lecturer, Co-Director of the Family Life Development Center and Elizabeth Lees Vincent Professor of Human Development at Cornell University, used his work related to the Columbine situation as a springboard to his discussion of bullying, harassment and emotional violence.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Leaping the Communication Gap Between Adults and Kids in a Single Bound: The Comic Book Project at TC

    Using various superheroes created by kids in urban schools, The Comic Book Project gives kids the chance to help other kids with issues that they face. Teachers College is partnering up with Dark Horse Comics and The After-School Corporation, a not-for-profit that sustains after-school programs, to produce published comics written and drawn by kids and real comic book artists. The goal of the Project is to promote literacy, creativity, the arts and awareness about issues that affect the world.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Mexicans Are Now New York City’s Fastest Growing Ethnic Group, But New Immigrants Face Tough Social and Economic Challenges

    New data from the U.S. Census reveal that Mexicans are New York City’s fastest growing ethnic group. New York City’s Mexican population ranked 11th among major U.S. cities in 2000 at 186,872, a figure that rivals the size of long-standing Mexican communities in San Diego, Santa Ana and San Jose, California. Yet, the data also show that the city’s Mexican inhabitants face serious social and economic challenges, according to a study released by Franciso Rivera-Batiz, Professor of Economics and Education.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Professor Lesko on Textbook K-6 Preparation in Afghanistan

    Nancy Lesko, Associate Professor of Education, who recently spent nearly three weeks in Kabul working with the Afghan Ministry of Education and UNICEF on textbook preparation and teacher education, as part of the new TC Afghan Project, wrote the following in a progress report that has been edited by Inside TC
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Women’s Rights Project Executive Director Speaks at TC

    Sheila Dauer, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA Women’s Rights Project, spoke in Margaret Crocco’s class, Women of the World: Issues in Teaching on Tuesday, October 7th.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Provide Leadership Support to the Teachers College Peace Corps Fellows Program

    Elliot S. Jaffe, who is Chairman and CEO of Dress Barn, a Teachers College Trustee and a philanthropist, and his wife Roslyn, have presented the Peace Corps Fellows Program with a gift totalling nearly a half million dollars to perpetuate the program at the College. Additionally, income from a separate $900,000 scholarship endowment established by Mr. and Mrs. Jaffe will be designated each year to Peace Corps Fellows.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Billy Taylor To Receive TC Medal

    On November 19th Billy Taylor will come to TC for a Master Class, a concert and to receive the prestigious Teachers College Medal for Distinguished Service. Past recipients of the TC Medal include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Coretta Scott King and Dave Brubeck.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • A Celebration Announcing the Maxine Greene Foundation

    Greene, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Education at Teachers College, said that her vision in launching this Foundation is to generate inquiry, imagination, and the creation of art works by diverse people. It was to do so with a sense of the deficiencies in our world and a desire to repair, wherever possible. Justice, equality, freedom: these are as important as the arts, and they can infuse each other, perhaps making some differences at a troubled time. The Maxine Greene Foundation is concerned with supporting the creation of and informed appreciation of works that embody fresh social visions that move people to perceive alternative possibilities for the making of humane communities. The foundation directs its primary attention to the intersections among various modes of social action and engagements with the arts. Social imagination most often finds expression in diverse art forms: film, literature, theatre and dance.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Contemporary LGBT Legal and Educational Issues

    A panel discussion on legal and educational issues facing the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT), sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Community and Queer TC, took place in Milbank Chapel on October 21st.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Families Leaving NYC Public Housing Less Stressed

    Families in New York City that move from housing projects into less impoverished communities suffer far less depression and anxiety than those who remain in low-income neighborhoods, according to the study.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • The Japanese Federation of Licensed Childcare Centers Visits TC

    Staff members from the Rita Gold Early Childhood Center enjoy the final afternoon of presentations, reflections and discussions with members of The Japanese Federation of Licensed Childcare Centers. The Rita Gold Center hosted this week-long exchange.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Org: An Art and Biology Show at Macy Gallery

    On October 10, “Org” opened in the Macy Gallery. “Org” is the result of exhaustive research done by a collaboration of artists. The show responded visually and conceptually to literature, interviews, and field study pertaining to the issues surrounding contemporary agriculture. The show not only addressed choices that farmers have to make, but also the decisions consumers make. “Org” shows that the way food is grown is influenced by how food is bought and consumed. Show participants are doctoral students in the College Teaching of Studio Art, and include Mark Grimm, Hugo Ortega, Jacob Roesch and Amy Cheatle. For more information, visit the SocialMedia.org.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • The Library of the 21st Century

    The transformation of the Milbank Memorial Library, well-known for containing the world’s largest and richest collection of materials on the educating professions, into The Gottesman Libraries, an entirely new design that will become a state-of-the-art intellectual research center and national resource.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Dean’s Grants Announced

    The recipients of the Dean’s Grant for Student Research were announced in early fall. Those students who were eligible to apply (M.A., M.S., Ed.M, or Doctoral) were required to present proposals on or about the initiation or completion of a research project that has educational implications for the field. Students who were awarded the grants will receive $2,000 for a one-year period. Submissions of proposals were due during the spring of 2003.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Bonding over Breakfast at TC

    On October 22nd, members of the Community met and mingled over eggs, toast and bacon at the TC Community Breakfast, sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Community.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Web Update

    The Office of the Web would like to remind all faculty that they have a Web site available for update through a simple-to-use tool. By pointing their Internet Explorer Web browser to The Faculty Profile Tool and entering the Cunix account and password, the online profile can be updated and changed directly through the browser. Faculty can upload documents and papers that they would like to share, as well as present biographical information about their professional work.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • In Brief

    In Brief Michael Bitz (Director of The Comic Book Project) will be publishing two articles in March 2004: “The Comic Book Project: The Lives of Urban Youth Through Comic Book Art” in Art Education and “The Comic Book Project: Forging Alternative Pathways to Literacy,” in The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. The first article focuses on the content of the children’s comic books and the latter focuses on the process that children go through during the project. (See article: Lepaing The Communication Gap Between Adults And Kids In A Single Boud: The Comic Book Project at TC) Peter Coleman (Clinical and Counseling Psychology) was named the recipient of the American Psychological Association’s Early Career Award for Division 48. The Committee said that it was impressed with his commitment to peace psychology and with the quality of his contributions to theory and practice related to peace, conflict management, social justice, and the prevention and mitigation of violence.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • Personnel

    list of full-time staff hired, promoted or transferred since the last newsletter.
    Published: 10/31/2003

  • New Residence Hall is topped off

    At a recent ceremony to mark the “topping off” of the new TC Residence Hall are: (left to right) Steve Weinberg, Budget Director, TC; Carl Valentino, RC Dolner (construction contractor); Fred Schnur, VPFA, TC; Tony Dolce, RC Dolner (construction contractor); Paul Broches, Mitchell/Guirgola (architect); and Mike Hanna, Granary Associates (project manager).
    Published: 10/31/2003