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Volume IX, No. 5 ♦ 12/2003

  • Community English Program

    The Community English Program (CEP) is a unique and integral part of the TESOL program. It provides English instruction to adult learners of diverse nationalities and serves as a pedagogical laboratory for cutting edge teacher preparation and materials development.
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • Levine Talks About Rebuilding Education in Afghanistan

    "There are only two ways to learn about a country; spend a week there or live there for years," said President Arthur Levine, addressing a group of students who were eager to learn more about the week that Levine spent in Afghanistan, cementing Teachers College's presence in the redevelopment of the country's education system. Levine's talk was a "casual conversation" sponsored by Student Life.
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • Sachs Lecturer Richard Rothstein Discusses Equality in Education 50 Years After Brown v. Board of Ed.

    Using the same ways of teaching for different groups of children isn't going to work, no matter how good the schools are, according to this year's Julius and Rosa Sachs Distinguished Lecturer Richard Rothstein. Other influences such as health, nutrition and attendance also contribute to a school's effectiveness.
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • Hechinger Institute Receives Grant From the Broad Foundation for K-12 Reporters

    The Broad Foundation has given the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media at Teachers College a grant to support an annual seminar for journalists specializing in writing about K-12 education in each of the next three years. The first seminar in the series is scheduled for the fall of 2004.
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • TC Sponsoring Clothing Drive to Aid Liberians

    As classes end and the holidays begin, it’s nice to take a moment and think of those in need. Members of the TC Community are definitely doing that. Walking around the college, there are boxes for a book drive and bins for clothing. This year, the Office of Diversity and Community is sponsoring a clothing drive for people in Liberia through December 19th.
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • Richard Heffner Booktalk

    Richard D. Heffner, author of A Conversational History of Modern America, was featured at the BookTalk in Milbank Chapel on December 3rd.
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • Scholarship Presented at Elaine Brantley Memorial

    Members of the Teachers College Community gathered in late November to remember Elaine Brantley, who passed away on June 9th, 2003.
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • The First TC Community Business and Talent Showcase

    On December 4th in the TC Cafeteria, members of the Community came together to promote their businesses, make contacts, sell merchandise, or just show others what they had to offer.
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • Two Former TC Trustee Co-Chairs Honored with Portraits

    On December 12th, two portraits were unveiled that honor the service of two former Teachers College Trustee Co-Chairs, Antonia Grumbach and Dinny Morse, pictured here with President Levine.
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • IN BRIEF: George Bonnano

    George Bonanno (Counseling and Clinical Psychology) wrote an article called “Loss, Trauma, and Human Resilience: Have we underestimated our capacity to thrive after extremely aversive events?”
    Published: 12/17/2003

  • Little Hands Lend a Helping Hand This Holiday Season

    Children from the Rita Gold Center deliver food to the Riverside Food Pantry as the culminating event of the Center’s second annual food drive.
    Published: 12/17/2003