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Volume IX, No. 6 ♦ 2/2004

  • Winter Roundtable Explores Cultural Competence and Social Justice

    Participants in the TC Winter Roundtable, "Strategies for Building Cultural Competence in Psychology and Education" on February 20th and 21st witnessed the introduction of some notable new features at the conference, in addition to its renowned presentations, workshops, and keynote speakers.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • First National Commission on Choice in K-12 Education Urges More Funding for Charters and Vouchers, More Autonomy to Hire and Fire

    The National Working Commission on Choice in K-12 Education has concluded a two-year study that details the good that can be done if school choice is well implemented and the harm that can result if it is done quickly, carelessly and on the cheap. It also recommends ample funding—making the case that this will help prevent segregation—more autonomy for all schools to hire teachers on the basis of fit, and raises questions about the capacity of existing school districts to properly oversee choice. The report, School Choice: Doing it the Right Way Makes a Difference, was released on November 17th.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • A Conversation with Bill Cosby Celebrates Brown at 50

    In collaboration with New York City public schools Region 10, Teachers College hosted an event which brought 500 ninth grade students to Riverside Church to hear entertainer and educator Bill Cosby as part of a semester-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision that made segregation illegal in this country. Cosby spoke to the group about the importance of that decision to the educational opportunities of the young people present.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • A Conversation with Dean Darlyne Bailey

    Student, faculty and staff members of the TC Community joined Academic Vice President and Dean Darlyne Bailey for dinner and dialogue in early February in the Grace Dodge Room.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • Calkins Named to Robinson Chair in Children's Literature

    Lucy Calkins, Professor of English Education who founded and directs the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, has been named to hold the Robinson Chair in Children’s Literature at TC. Through the Project, Calkins leads an initiative serving more than 300 K-8 schools, and through her work has helped thousands of teachers to develop more effective writing curricula and build students’ communications skills.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • David Kirp Discusses the Marketing of Higher Education at TC Booktalk

    David L. Kirp has turned out books on subjects as varied as AIDS, affordable housing, gay rights and charter schools.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • Developing Bilingual Curriculum for Chinese-Speaking Preschoolers

    On January 16, 2004, a delegation came from Taiwan to sign an agreement between Teachers College and the Geda Bilingual Education Company: Geda is contributing $2,500,000 to support the development of a preschool bilingual curriculum.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • Ph.D. Student Jodie Lane Remembered

    On a cold Friday night the week before TC’s Spring classes were about to begin, Jodie Lane, a Ph.D. student in the Clinical Psychology program was walking her dogs near her home in the East Village. When her dogs suddenly began acting strangely, fighting with each other and howling inexplicably, Lane called for help and bent over the dogs to try to calm them. As she approached the dogs, she apparently realized that they were receiving an electric shock from a metal plate on the street. Lane also received the shock from the plate, and apparently was electrocuted when she also came into contact with a metal curb at the same time, according to news reports.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • Diversity and Community Grant Recipients

    The Committee for Community and Diversity announced the recipients of The President’s Community and Diversity Grant Fund.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • Interrupting Oppression and Sustaining Justice: ICCR'S

    ICCCR’s “Working Conference” at TC’s International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR) will include a mix of creative and scholarly approaches to the topic of “Interrupting Oppression and Sustaining Justice,” the title of the center’s upcoming two-day conference on February 27th and 28th to take place in Grace Dodge Hall at Teachers College.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • Hechinger Institute Creates Visibility for Pre-K Education

    With the nation’s school districts wrestling with how to boost overall academic achievement while also narrowing an “achievement gap” that’s strongly linked to race and economic status, the notion that all children should have access to pre-kindergarten classes is moving toward the center of the education policy debate. More than 40 states already offer pre-kindergarten programs, beyond those that are part of the federal Head Start programs.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • University Leaders From China Attend TC Seminar

    The Center on Chinese Education at TC conducted a five-week seminar in November and December of 2003 for 17 university leaders from the People’s Republic of China.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • TC Trustees Create Honorary Maxine Greene Chair

    The Trustees of Teachers College, in their establishment of the Maxine Greene Chair for Distinguished Contributions to Education, have created a new way to honor outstanding members of the faculty for their accomplishments as educators and researchers. Once again, Professor Emeritus Maxine Greene leads the way.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • TC Receives 4-Star Rating From Charity Navigator

    For the third year in a row, TC has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of charities.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • Hank Perkowski Joins TC as Associate Controller

    The former Director of Financial Reporting of New York University, Hank Perkowski, joined the Teachers College community recently, filling the role of Assistant Controller. Perkowski says he is looking forward to his new role.
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • Work on Diversity Action Plan Continues

    In her State of the College address, Academic Vice President and Dean Darlyne Bailey stressed that one of her priorities was to “craft an educational community broad and deep enough to safely hold all of us.” As part of that effort, The Affirmative Action Committee at TC has been working to facilitate, support and acknowledge groups around the College whose activities and vision are focused on diversity. The bi-annual meetings provide a means of identifying actions that will further a collective mission of establishing the College as an institution “that attracts, supports, and retains diverse students, faculty and staff at all levels through a commitment to social justice, a respectful and vibrant community and encouragement and support of each individual in the achievement of his or her potential.”
    Published: 2/24/2004

  • Web Update

    The Office of the Web would like to remind all faculty that they have a Web site available for update through a simple-to-use tool.
    Published: 2/24/2004