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Volume XII, No.1 ♦ 9/2006

  • A New Leader Who

    A New Leader Who's and Old Hand

    William J. Baldwin has been named Interim Dean of Teachers College, replacing Darlyne Bailey, who has left to become Dean of the College of Education and Human Development and Special Assistant to the President at the University of Minnesota.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Duty, Honor, Homework

    Duty, Honor, Homework

    New recruits: Teachers College Professor Warner Burke and Lt. Col. Todd Henshaw of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point collaborated last year in creating a 10-month, 45-credit master's degree program in Organizational Psychology...
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Faculty Notes

    Suniya Luthar (Counseling and Clinical Psychology) Francisco Rivera-Batiz (International and Transcultural Studies)
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Finding Her Way Home

    Finding Her Way Home

    It was probably a given that Marisa Catalina Casey would take more than a passing interest in the subject of adoption. After all, Casey herself was adopted at age three from an orphanage in Bogot-, Colombia.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Following the Leader

    In academia as in families, the acorn does not fall far from the tree. Certainly that's the case with Piyumika Kularatne, a doctoral student in health education whose advisor is Professor John Allegrante.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • In Focus - The Beat Goes On

    In Focus - The Beat Goes On

    During his 16 years with the New York Times, where he was national education correspondent, Gene Maeroff filed stories from virtually every state in the nation-'"not just on K--12 issues, but also pre-K, higher education and graduate schools.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • New Faces at TC

    New Faces at TC

    New faculty and staff share their perspectives and experience.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • New on Staff

    New on Staff

    John DeAngelis' warm smile and soft-spoken demeanor belie his more than 30 years of experience in public safety-'"a career that, as he tells it, came about "by accident."
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Newton's Appeal

    To its many initiatives aimed at improving urban teaching, TC has now added the Newton Fellows, an intensive master's degree program in secondary math education sponsored by New York-based Math for America (MfA).
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • NYC Teachers Reflect on 9/11

    NYC Teachers Reflect on 9/11

    "At 8:00 a.m. on 9/11, over 8,700 children and 400 teachers showed up for school in downtown Manhattan as they did every morning. Within two hours, more than 5,000 students and nearly 200 teachers were running for their lives." --Linda Lantieri, contributor to Forever After.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Ringing in the New

    Ringing in the New

    Raising the curtain: The recent renovations to Horace Mann Auditorium, part of the new Cowin Center, are both aesthetic and technological, and also are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Sound Policy

    Sound Policy

    TC's inaugural Policy Fellows Forum, held in early May in Milbank Chapel, took its audience from rural Ethiopia to the interior of a prison in upstate New York, to Boston public schools, to private homes providing preschool care-'"the full range of research and dissertation topics covered by the College's first "class" of nine Policy Fellows during the year since their fellowships were granted.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Sounds Like a Plan

    Choosing a health care plan is tough enough for families and individuals, so imagine what's involved for an entire college-'"particularly one that commits itself to inclusiveness and transparency during its deliberation process.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Ten on the Books

    Ten on the Books

    If there is one moment in the 10-year history of the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media that sums it up for Richard Lee Colvin, it's the evening in fall 2002 when Rod Paige, U.S. Secretary of Education in the new Bush Administration, met with a room full of education editors at a seminar in Wingspread, Wisconsin.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Welcome Back

    Welcome Back

    Welcome to the first issue of Inside, and to the 2006-07 academic year at Teachers College. Whether you're new to TC, or returning, as I am, after some time away, this is a tremendously exciting time to be here.
    Published: 9/18/2006

  • Health Talk for Teens

    Health Talk for Teens

    By his own admission, John Allegrante is not "a dispassionate scholar who writes only for my fellow academics."