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Volume XII, No.3 ♦ 11/2006

  • Inside TC PDF, December 2006 Issue

    Now you can download the entire December 2006 issue of Inside TC.
    Published: 12/14/2006

  • Blogging Student Life at TC

    Blogging Student Life at TC

    TC Alumni who contribute to the TC Annual Fund can now read about their dollars at work by logging on to . There, they'll find accounts of life at TC blogged by four students-'"Jessica Cruz, Omari Keeles, Joe King and Sarah Norris-'"all of whom receive some Fund support.
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • Getting Down, Digitally

    Getting Down, Digitally

    In November, the Gottesman Libraries' EdLab team hosted Edit Jam, a multimedia event in the Design Center on the library's fifth floor.
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • Honoring Her Kinship

    In New Mexico where Elvira Bitsoi Largie grew up and which she still calls home, the most important part of her life as a Navajo woman - and as a member of her Kinyaa'aanii clan - is "rising early and being in harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky and the natural forces of the world: earth, wind, fire and water."
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • Strength of Heart and Mind

    Strength of Heart and Mind

    In a native community in Canada, Elizabeth Sumida Huaman designed a hunting program for boys that integrated tribal stories, songs and teachings.
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • Only the Bathwater -- Or the Baby, Too?

    Only the Bathwater -- Or the Baby, Too?

    If there was a central question at issue during the College's recent two-day symposium on the federal No Child Left Behind Act, it was if the country should set its sights on more realistic achievement targets than NCLB presently endorses.
    Published: 11/21/2006

  • The Gaps Don

    The Gaps Don't Seem to Be Closing

    Teachers College President Susan Fuhrman set the stage for a two-day marathon in which researchers presented new data about NCLB and debated whether and how to fix the law, which was first enacted in 2002.
    Published: 11/21/2006

  • Building On Our Research Legacy

    Building On Our Research Legacy

    In November, Teachers College held its Homecoming and its second annual Symposium on Educational Equity on the same day - to my mind, a perfect convergence of events.
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • Loaded Conversations

    A minority post-doc probes the difficulties of talking about race.
    Published: 12/1/2006

  • Booker

    Booker's Bottom Line: It's a Question of Desire

    Not long after he became Mayor of Newark this past spring, Cory Booker took two young men to dinner who had spray-painted death threats to him on the wall of their school. The dinner went well -- "they were good kids," Booker told his listeners at the close of TC's second annual Symposium on Educational Equity -- but at one point, the Mayor realized that his guests couldn't decipher their choice of entrees.
    Published: 11/21/2006

  • Down in Duplicating, One of a Kind

    Down in Duplicating, One of a Kind

    Rocky Schwarz, Manager of Document Services, can tell you which countries have blue and white flags. He knows plenty about British royalty, geography and 60s rock trivia-'"all of which has helped make him the crossword champion he is. But his real passion is the volunteer work he does to help educate disadvantaged children in Liberia.
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • Model Citizens

    Model Citizens

    The winners of the 2006-2007 Elaine Brantley Memorial Award for Community and Civility were honored in the Cowin Center auditorium in October.
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • Farewell


    Fred Schnur, TC's longtime Vice President for Finance and Administration, said farewell to the College in December. When Schnur arrived at the College in 1995, TC had recorded budget deficits in seven of the previous 10 years and had more than $4 million in accumulated deficit. Since then, there have been major improvements in that picture, including a credit rating upgrade by Moody's Investor's Service.
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • What to Do About the Avian Flu

    What to Do About the Avian Flu

    Since May, a working group representing 14 academic and administrative areas of the College has been updating the College's Disaster Response and Business Continuity Plan to include the threat of pandemic flu.
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • Alumni Awards

    In October, Teachers College gave its annual Distinguished Alumni Awards.
    Published: 12/13/2006

  • To Remain an Indian

    To Remain an Indian

    "Each and every [Lakota] parent was a teacher and-'all elders were instructors of those younger than themselves-'.We learned by watching and imitating examples placed before us. Slowly and naturally the faculties of observation and memory became highly trained-'The training was largely of character-'and continued through life. True Indian education was based on the development of individual qualities and recognition of rights." -Luther Standing Bear (Lakota)
    Published: 12/13/2006