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Volume XII, No.6 ♦ 4/2007

  • A Graphic Life

    A Graphic Life

    Future generations of students may owe a sudden interest in art education to a surprising hero: Mighty Mouse.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Celebrating Our Other Curriculum

    Celebrating Our Other Curriculum

    It's a given that at TC, we're proud of the academic content of the many classes listed in our course catalogue. With TC now topping the U.S.News and World Report annual ranking of graduate schools of education, we can justly pause to celebrate our excellence in that area.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Democracy and Multimedia

    Democracy and Multimedia

    Coinciding with the development of a curriculum by TC staff which complements Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, students from around New York expressed feelings about democracy and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina through art and music in the Gottesman Libraries at EdLab's second Edit Jam on March 2.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Four More Stars for TC's Use of Charitable Gifts

    For the third time in four years, Teachers College has received a four star rating from Charity Navigator, the nation's largest independent evaluator of charities.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • I Pledge Allegiance?

    I Pledge Allegiance?

    Who is a patriot? To exactly what do so many children pledge? Does our country mean our land, a value, maybe both? More than 30 authors, from Howard Zinn and Bill Ayers to Gloria Ladson-Billings, Cindy Sheehan and Maxine Greene, try to answer these questions in Pledging Allegiance: The Politics of Patriotism in America's Schools, a new book from Teachers College Press edited by Joel Westheimer, University Research Chair in Democracy and Education at the University of Ottawa (and son of TC alumna "Dr. Ruth" Westheimer).
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • New Policy Internships

    When it comes to learning about education policy, there's classroom reading and discussion, and there's the policy arena out in the real world. Knowledge of both is essential, but unfortunately most education schools do very little to facilitate much exposure to the latter.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T


    This year, Teachers College has begun giving employees more direct education on the legal and ethical responsibilities surrounding workplace harassment, offering a two-hour training session titled "Promoting Mutual Respect and Preventing Workplace Harassment." The session is led by K.C. Wagner, Director of Workplace Issues at the Cornell School of Labor Relations.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Social justice for all

    Social justice for all

    Historian Ronald Takaki lectured in February on the experiences of Irish and Chinese women in 19th century America as part of the 24th Annual Teachers College Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Tom James is TC

    Tom James is TC's New Provost

    After a months-long national search for a new academic dean, Teachers College has named Thomas James, currently Dean of the School of Education at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as its new Provost.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Vive Le Difference?

    Vive Le Difference?

    How shall we regard and treat others, especially those who are different? A recent discussion at Teachers College explored that oft-asked question through the lens of the educator, ultimately considering the implications of adopting a "cosmopolitan" (global) philosophy of education. The talk centered around a new book, Ethical Visions of Education: Philosophies in Practice, edited by Teachers College faculty member David Hansen, of essays by historic and contemporary authors on what it means to be a world citizen.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • We

    We're Number One!

    In its annual rankings, released on March 30, U.S.News and World Report magazine named Teachers College the nation's top graduate school of education.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Short Stories

    Short Stories

    The photographs in this exhibition were produced over the course of many decades. Many cultures, stories and poetics are unveiled in these works. Each of them is very personal and important and very strongly devoted to the partial contribution to what is known as the philosophical debate of the world.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Artist Danielle Mailer

    Artist Danielle Mailer

    Artist Danielle Mailer speaks at a reception for her work, "Dreaming in Color," a series of art installations in TC's Gottesman Libraries funded by a grant from Beth and Michael Kasser.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Sound, Mind, and Body

    Vision screenings were part of the second annual Health Disparities Conference on March 10. Organized by Barbara Wallace, a professor of health education, the conference uses research to draw attention to the inequities of health care access throughout the world and to develop ways to ameliorate it.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • A Matter of Policy

    A Matter of Policy

    Carl F. Kaestle, Professor of Education, History, and Public Policy at Brown University, lectured on "The Federal Role in Education, Past and Present: Who's in the Policy Arena?" on February 19. The event was sponsored by TC's Office of Policy and Research.
    Published: 4/26/2007

  • Power Drum Song

    Power Drum Song

    A group of students perform the music of Sa-Mul-No-Ri, a traditional Korean percussion instrument, during the State Asian Identity festival at Teachers College on February 17.
    Published: 4/26/2007