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Volume XIII, No. 1 ♦ 9/2007

  • An HR Rep Wins Big In Vegas

    An HR Rep Wins Big In Vegas

    Cheskeca Reid, one of three HR generalists at TC, is relatively new to the College - she started here in December 2006 - but any questions about her knowledge and experience were emphatically answered this past summer when she attended a conference in Las Vegas for more than 20,000 human resources professionals.
    Published: 9/20/2007

  • Launching "Levees"

    Launching "Levees"

    On Thursday, September 6th, TC launched "Teaching The Levees: A Curriculum for Democratic Dialogue and Civic Engagement," a 100-page teaching tool developed by TC faculty, students, staff and alumni. The curriculum is cued to the four-hour HBO documentary by Spike Lee, "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Act," which captures firsthand the plight of New Orleans and its people during and after Hurricane Katrina.
    Published: 9/7/2007

  • Still More Eloquent Voices Heard From

    While the panel discussion at September's launch event for the "Teaching The Levees" curriculum produced the most fireworks, the surrounding cast of speakers also spoke poignantly about Katrina, its aftermath, and the need for civic education in America.
    Published: 9/7/2007

  • From Jordan, a Visiting Delegation Teaches as Much as It Learns

    From Jordan, a Visiting Delegation Teaches as Much as It Learns

    If the definition of an educational exchange is that both sides learn, then this summer's visit to Columbia and Teachers College by 11 teachers from Jordan was a smash success. Video interviews included with story...
    Published: 9/5/2007

  • What Next: A Frank Discussion of Jordan's Education Needs

    Not long before they headed home, the 11 Jordanian teachers enrolled in TC's summer TESOL Certificate Program sat down for an informal debriefing and talked about how they will apply what they learned at TC back home
    Published: 9/5/2007

  • Zankel Fellowships Boost Urban Service at TC

    Zankel Fellowships Boost Urban Service at TC

    Among President Susan Fuhrman's priorities for TC, two top the list: stepping up the College's already strong commitment to urban teaching and service, and boosting financial aid. The two are clearly linked, as financial burdens can force students -- either during or after their time at TC -- to seek the kinds of higher-paying jobs that aren't typically found in the city's neediest areas.
    Published: 9/5/2007

  • The Education Guy

    The Education Guy

    Matthew Pittinsky has founded a billion-dollar company, but his heart is in the classroom.
    Published: 9/4/2007

  • Words of Wisdom, Not Exactly Whispered

    Words of Wisdom, Not Exactly Whispered

    For decades, parents have worried that the lyrics to rock music are corrupting their children and poisoning their minds. But what of the many pearls those lyrics may express? In his new book, Rock 'n' Roll Wisdom: What Psychologically Astute Lyrics Teach About Life and Love, Barry Farber, TC's Professor of Psychology and Education, analyzes rock lyrics for their psychological truths.
    Published: 8/28/2007

  • Come On In, The Water

    Come On In, The Water's Fine

    It may be the oldest functioning indoor swimming pool in the U.S. -- and one of only a couple of indoor community pools on the Upper West Side. It's been patronized by generations of local families, and its alumni include a British knight and possibly even the comedian George Carlin, who grew up around the corner.
    Published: 8/20/2007