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Volume IV, No. 10 ♦ 5/1999

  • "Flow" and Music Learning in Children

    According to Custodero, who has written "Observing Flow in Young Children's Music Learning" (published in General Music Today, Fall 1998), "The musical behaviors of these children show them to be highly self-challenged and focused-'Thinking and doing become one." They were in "flow." Custodero, who has studied the works of Mihlayi Csikszentmihalyi, a social psychologist from the University of Chicago and coined the word "flow," has attempted to evaluate the same optimal learning experience in young children that were observed in adults and adolescents.
    Published: 6/1/1999

  • Convocation Ceremonies Celebrate New Beginnings and Honor Contributions to Education

    The convocation and commencement ceremonies took place on rainy, dreary days this year. Yet, that did not dampen the spirits of the graduates and their families who had come from places as far as Argentina and as close as the upper west side of Manhattan.
    Published: 6/1/1999

  • Experts on Vouchers and Charter Schools Offer Suggestions at Agenda Setting Conference for a TC New Research Center

    The two-day conference on the agenda for the new National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education was a chance for Henry M. Levin to reverse roles. Instead of leading the discussion, Levin, who is TC's new William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Economics and Education, spent much of the time listening attentively and taking notes. That's as he intended it. The goal of the conference was to solicit comments and recommendations from scholars, students, teachers, government officials, philanthropists and others about the issues that should be explored by the new center.
    Published: 6/1/1999

  • Michael Barth: Philosophy and Education Meets Men’s Lacrosse

    What's a doctoral student in Philosophy and Education doing coaching Columbia University's Men's Lacrosse team? Ask Michael Barth.
    Published: 6/1/1999

  • New Searchable Calendar of Events on TC Web

    Wouldn't it be convenient to go online and find out everything occurring at the College for the upcoming months?
    Published: 6/1/1999

  • President Levine Creates TC Task Force on Diversity, Inclusion and Community

    TC President Arthur Levine has appointed a task force of faculty, staff and students to review recommendations and to set goals on how to enhance the sense of community at Teachers College.
    Published: 6/1/1999

  • Reconciliation After Intractable Conflicts

    While an event may have happened long ago, the conflict surrounding that event often persists today, said Peter Coleman, Director of the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR) at TC, as he addressed the topic of "intractable conflicts" at a panel discussion held on April 29 at Teachers College.
    Published: 6/1/1999

  • Scholar and Emmy Nominee Alice Wilder Receives Miriam Goldberg Research Prize

    Every recipient of the Miriam Levine Goldberg Research Prize has to meet the standards of academic rigor and excellence that the late professor emeritus set for her own students. But few recipients have had as great an impact on children so early in their career as the1999 award recipient-Alice Wilder.
    Published: 6/1/1999

  • TC Adopts Technology Task Force Recommendations

    Both the Teachers College Trustees and Faculty have given their overwhelming support to a comprehensive approach to integrating technology into the mission of the College.
    Published: 6/1/1999