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Volume V, No. 8 ♦ 4/2000

  • A Campus of Difference: Valuing Diversity on the Teachers College Campus

    On March 7, the Office of Personnel Services held a day of training on "Valuing Diversity on the Teachers College Campus." Twenty-five members of the campus community, including President Levine, Dean Zumwalt, Associate Deans Baldwin and Jennings, attended the program.
    Published: 4/1/2000

  • Author, Educator Larry Cuban Discusses the Tension Between Teaching and Research in the University

    Educator and author Larry Cuban discussed the reasons behind scholar's preeminence over teachers in the modern university, the topic of his latest book, at a mid-March TC BookTalk. While university administrators preach that good teaching and good research are indivisible, the reality professors face is that their survival depends on their ability to produce research, not on their ability to teach and tutor students.
    Published: 4/1/2000

  • Bringing the World to Harlem

    A new Harlem Renaissance is taking place via the Internet, and Bruce Lincoln, Manager of Community Outreach at TC's Institute for Learning Technologies, is co-director of the project.
    Published: 4/1/2000

  • Conference At TC Examines Issues Affecting People With Disabilities

    The direction of public policy and research affecting disabled individuals was the topic of a conference sponsored by TC's Center for Opportunities and Outcomes for People with Disabilities.
    Published: 4/1/2000

  • Examining the Issues on School Violence

    "We have far less school violence than most people think even though people believe it is increasing," said Erwin Flaxman in his introduction of psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, the keynote speaker for a conference that explored "School Violence, Metal Detectors and Healthy Communities." "We don't distinguish among fairly innocent acts and serious acts. We react in the same way to both phenomena." As Director of the Institute on Urban and Minority Education (IUME), a sponsor of the conference, Flaxman explained the conference discussions would address the need to look at both the legitimate and misplaced fears and discrepancies.
    Published: 4/1/2000

  • James Rolling: Department Associate, Doctoral Student and Grammy Winner

    "So little of the credit for our winning the Grammy belongs to me," says James Haywood Rolling Jr., who is a tenor with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir as well as a doctoral student in the Art and Art Education program and Department Associate in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching.
    Published: 4/1/2000

  • Levine and Cureton Receive Outstanding Research Award

    On February 28, the College Student Personnel Association of New York State (CSPANYS), which is an organization of 600 student affairs professionals statewide, presented President Arthur Levine and Jeanette S. Cureton with the "Outstanding Research Award" in honor of their book, When Hope and Fear Collide: A Portrait of Today's College Student.
    Published: 4/1/2000

  • Schoonmaker and Steiner-Khamsi are Awarded the 2000-2001 TC Faculty Research Fellowships

    Dean Karen Zumwalt announced the recipients of the Tenured Faculty Research Fellowships for the year 2000-2001. The faculty members recognized for their outstanding research are Frances Schoonmaker, Associate Professor of Education in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching and Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Associate Professor of Education in the Department of International and Transcultural Studies.
    Published: 4/1/2000

  • The Capital Campaign is on the Move: Interview with Vice President Joseph Brosnan

    In November of last year, The Campaign for Teachers College moved into its "public phase" by announcing that it had already reached $73 million toward its goal of $140 million. The campaign is the largest one of its kind for any school of education.
    Published: 4/1/2000

  • The PDS Partnership Celebrates Charter and Raises Critical Issues

    On a cold morning last month, approximately 75 members of the Greater Council of the Teachers College Professional Development School (PDS) Partnership met at TC for a day of work sessions.
    Published: 4/1/2000