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Volume VII, No. 4 ♦ 12/2001

  • How Do We Get More Good Schools?

    In his third and last Sachs Lecture, Professor Larry Cuban said what really matters in public schools "is not the promise of success but doing something that is worthwhile."
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Effects of Creative Collaborations on Learning Explored by Sussman Lecturer

    Vera John-Steiner, TC's Sussman Visiting Professor, did double duty on December 3 presenting the Sussman Lecture and this year's second BookTalk. John-Steiner, the Presidential Professor of Linguistics and Education at the University of New Mexico, discussed her latest book, Creative Collaboration, for an audience of students, faculty, alumni and staff in the Horace Mann Auditorium.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Doctoral Student and Mother Give Parents a Voice in Learning Disabilities

    Jan Weatherly Valle, a doctoral student in Curriculum and Teaching with a concentration in learning disabilities, and Elsie Aponte, a mother of a 13 year-old girl, Emily, joined forces to write an article that won the Walter M. Sindlinger Writing Award. The article, "IDEA and collaboration: a Bakhtinian Perspective on parent and professional discourse" will be published by The Journal of Learning Disabilities within the next 10 to 12 months.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Carol Porter: A Doctoral Student With Seniors on Her Mind

    Developing music programs for adults is a new frontier for music educators. Carol Porter, a doctoral student working with Professor Hal Abeles of the Department of Arts and Humanities is attempting to break the myth that older adults cannot learn music.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Doctors Without Borders Provide Health Care Where None Exists

    Chris Sauer, former volunteer for Doctors Without Borders. Imagine setting up a hospital in a place where there is no heat, no running water, no food. It's a formidable task. That's exactly the job of Nobel Peace Prize-winning Doctors Without Borders or Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • TC Forum: 9/11 as the Latest Chapter in Ancient Struggle

    In the first Teachers College Forum of the academic year, Barry Rosen, the Executive Director of External Affairs and one the 52 Americans held hostage in Iran from 1979-81, spoke to an audience of tri-state superintendents about September 11 as "the latest chapter in a long struggle between Muslim states and Islamists (fundamentalists) for the hearts and minds of Muslim believers."
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Civil Liberties in the Wake of Terrorism

    As part of its Series of College Conversations, the Committee for Community and Diversity presented talks and discussion on the topic of "Civil Liberties and International Terrorism: The Balance." Presenters were Frank Askin, the ACLU General Counsel and Professor of Law and founder of the Constitutional Litigation Clinic at Rutgers Law School; and John Burroughs, J.D., Ph.D., who is the Executive Director of the Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy. Pictured with Burroghs and Askin is Janice Robinson, Assistant and Special Counsel to the President on Diversity.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Common Ground: Chinese and American Educators at TC

    n order to celebrate international education week, Clifford Hill, the Arthur I. Gates Professor of Language and Education Emeritus, presented a lecture, "Finding Common Ground: Chinese and American Educators at Teachers College."
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • José Ponce De León Presents Novels

    Novelist and professor of Spanish and Hispanic literature, Jose Luis Ponce de León (right), read from his novels, La Seduccion de Hernán Cortés and the unedited, El Hombre de Los Gatos, recently.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Model School Library: teaching with technology

    Way in the back of the fifth floor of Milbank Memorial Library, tucked away in the far corner is a room designed to bring technology and teaching together. The Resource Center's PT3/K-12 Demonstration Laboratory was designed to provide librarians, faculty, students and the staff of Teachers College with computer stations housing a variety of software programs that combine learning with fun.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Renovation Plans for the Milbank Memorial Library

    After a review of the programs and services of Milbank Memorial Library, James G. Neal, Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian, Columbia University and Sonja Johnson, Director of Facilities Programming and Utilization, Indiana University, wrote a report on the improvement of TC's library.
    Published: 8/31/2002

  • Milbank Chapel to Get Centennial Renovations

    Just a few years shy of its hundredth birthday, TC's Milbank Chapel is undergoing a facelift.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • The 13th Commencement Ceremony of TC Tokyo

    The 13th Commencement of the MA TESOL program of TC Tokyo.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • TC Portal Opens New Doors to Campus Communication

    Where can you find three days of college events, the weather, all of your classes, what's happening with student life and a discussion on the events of September 11th. With the TC Portal.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Wellness Fair

    Sponsored by Student Life at Teachers College, the Wellness Fair included blood pressure screening, free massages, cooking demonstrations by Sage Dining, insurance information, mammogram information, and taste tests from Naked Juice and Odwalla.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Faculty Briefs (7:4)

    Briefs on faculty achievements.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Stress Management Fair

    For a project in Professor of Nursing Education Kathleen O'Connell's "Determinance of Health Behavior" class, her students planned, put together, and staffed the Stress Management Fair.
    Published: 12/1/2001

  • Thanksgiving at TC

    Thanksgiving break this year, the Committee on Community and Diversity, Housing and Residence Life and Student Life Center sponsored a Thanksgiving dinner at TC.
    Published: 12/1/2001