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Publications: TC Today

The alumni magazine of Teachers College, Columbia University

Volume 22, No. 2 ♦ 1/1996

  • Assignment: Education

    It happens in newsrooms across the nation: the least experienced reporter is assigned to cover education. In a couple of years, when that novice is becoming seasoned and expert, the reporter is assigned to a "more important" beat. Maybe crime. Soon, those novice reporters -- as well as editors, producers and more experienced colleagues -- will be able to turn to Teachers College for guidance in covering education from the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media.
    Published: 1/1/1996

  • A Special Place for Children With HIV

    After John's mother died of AIDS, the four-year-old was placed in one foster-care setting after another within a matter of months. So it should surprise no one that he became angry. He tested those around him, to see if they really accepted him. And he started to bite people. Since John himself is HIV-positive, his biting frightened adults. The one constant in John's life was the daycare program at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx -- designed for children who are either HIV positive or have AIDS, as defined by the Center for Disease Control. "We saw very little of his anger," said Nancy Oskow-Schoenbrod, a Teachers College graduate who directs the center, "because he knew he was accepted here."
    Published: 1/1/1996

  • Upending the Bell Curve

    While many policymakers such as the authors of the infamous text, The Bell Curve, are trying to draw a link between race and intelligence, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn of Teachers College is one of the leaders in disproving basic Bell Curve assumptions.
    Published: 1/1/1996

  • Earthfriendly Food Makes Earthfriendly Kids

    Two children named Aja and Michael are hungry for vegetable snacks. Michael's favorite is broccoli and Aja loves carrots. Luckily, they are visiting their friend Rosa Brown, who lives on a farm, so they are able to go to her vegetable patch and pick fresh broccoli and carrots right out of the ground. Aja, Michael and Rosa are characters in the Story of Broccoli and Carrots, a special story book prepared by EarthFriends, a group headquartered at Teachers College that promotes good nutrition and education while exploring with children, teachers and parents, "the whole story of food."
    Published: 1/1/1996

  • When Bosses are Brutal

    Hornstein, a professor of psychology at Teachers College, writes about the damage done to employees and organizations by abusive superiors in Brutal Bosses And Their Prey, now available from Riverhead Books.
    Published: 1/1/1996

  • Entering the Child's Mind

    Near the end of a conversation that had lasted for more than half an hour, six-year-old Toby asked the man, "Why do you want to know about different things children know?" "You know why we study children" the man answered. "We try to find out how they learn math so that we can help them learn math if they have trouble." The man was Herbert P. Ginsburg, the new Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Education at Teachers College, and his answer to the first grader's question sums up much of his research over the last 25 years.
    Published: 1/1/1996

  • At 81, She's a Model TC Graduate

    But Josephine Buck-Jones, a member of the Teachers College Alumni Council, is finding success as a model -- at the age of 81.
    Published: 1/1/1996