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Publications: TC Today

The alumni magazine of Teachers College, Columbia University

Volume 25, No. 1 ♦ 6/2000

  • School 2001: TC Professor Works on Mega School Reform Project in Mongolia

    Led by Professor Gita Steiner-Khamsi, several Teachers College faculty members and doctoral students have been working in Mongolia to moderate five national one-week workshops, suggest ways to revise teaching strategies, design curriculum, initiate cooperative learning, and to look at compatible assessment and testing methods.
    Published: 7/1/2000

  • A Time for Renewal

    In November, 1999 TC held a gala to announce its $140 million capital campaign, the largest of its kind for a school of education. The event marked the "public phase" of the campaign to celebrate that it had already raised $73 million, more than half the goal. As we go to press the campaign has now reached $81 million.
    Published: 6/1/2000

  • Arthur Wesley Dow: The Poetry of Nature Transformed

    When Arthur Wesley Dow died in 1922, he was called a great teacher. He had the knack for showing artists how to translate the poetry of nature into exquisite designs. For many, Dow was the single most influential teacher of arts and crafts in this country. The main reason that Dow is so little known today is that he was overshadowed by the success of his students.
    Published: 6/1/2000

  • Donna Shalala Presents the Fifth Annual Marx Lecture

    "It's good to be back." With those words, Donna E. Shalala, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and former TC professor, began the fifth annual Virginia and Leonard Marx Lecture.
    Published: 6/1/2000

  • Health Education Leads to More Eye Exams

    Professor Charles Basch and researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have determined that health education programs can substantially increase the rates of dilated eye exams for African Americans with diabetes, the first step in reducing the risk of vision loss. The results were published in the December 1999 issue of the "American Journal of Public Health."
    Published: 6/1/2000

  • James Earl Russell's Pet Course on Foreign Schools

    James Earl Russell, Dean of Teachers College from 1898-1927, credited by many as the individual who was most influential in recruiting the most creative thinkers in education while taking on the task of reorganizing the growing institution into a professional school of education, is nothing less than the father of international and comparative education.
    Published: 6/1/2000

  • Professor Luthar Finds Suburban Teens Prone to Substance Abuse and Stress

    Do prosperous, manicured suburbs of the Northeast belie a sense of insecurity for teens who live there? A study suggests that they go through more personal trials than their inner-city counterparts.
    Published: 6/1/2000

  • The 17th Annual Winter Roundtable

    In its 17th year, the Winter Roundtable on Cross-Cultural Psychology and Education once again brought researchers, students, and practitioners together to discuss the impact of racial, ethnic and cultural differences.
    Published: 6/1/2000

  • Phyllis Gyamfi: Committed to Welfare Reform

    "I want to investigate the effects of employment on low-income single black mothers and their children. In particular, my dissertation, "When Current Welfare Recipients Become Employed," will examine mothers who have made or are making the transition from welfare to work, as well as how these transitions are associated with child-well being," said Phyllis Gyamfi, doctoral candidate in Developmental Psychology and Research Fellow at the Center for Young Children and Families.
    Published: 5/1/2000

  • TC Alumna Reaches Out to Teens

    Sue Castle (MA, 1963), is the Executive Producer of In the Mix, an award-winning, reality-based pro-social series for young adults that combines hip entertainment with educational content to reach a wide audience of young people.
    Published: 2/1/2000