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The alumni magazine of Teachers College, Columbia University

Volume 26, No. 2 ♦ 12/2002

  • Adela Bay Taught Me to Play the Piano

    "It's easy . . . once you know it," said 97-year-old Adela Bay quoting one of her seven-year-old piano students who took lessons from her years ago. She looked at me sheepishly as I sat next to her at her piano trying to pick out the notes that she requested. She didn't want me to interview her or to take notes, she wanted to show me how to play the piano.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Albert S. Thompson: Grace Dodge Society Founding Member

    On November 16, the newly formed Grace Dodge Society met at the home of President Arthur Levine for an inaugural luncheon honoring its founding members. Among them was Professor Emeritus Albert S. Thompson, who joined the TC faculty in 1949 in the Psychology Department, where he was an expert in vocational psychology and guidance.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Alumni Web Site Redesigned

    When folks logged onto TC Web this Fall and clicked on "Alumni," they encountered something old, something new, and definitely something blue. A mixture of modern design and traditional Teachers College architecture, the new Alumni Web site is an exciting move into a new era of communication and service online.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Class Notes (26:2)

    Brief bios of distinguished alumni.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Dewey Dinner Transformed into the Dewey Reception

    To celebrate the increase in the number of members in the Dewey Circle Network, the traditional Dewey Dinner was transformed into an evening of entertainment by Teachers College musicians. Instead of the usual dinner and speeches, guests arrived at Low Rotunda on the Columbia University campus to a cocktail reception with hot hors d'oeuvres and a display of work by TC art students.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Diane Ravitch: Battles Over School Reform

    We cannot understand where we are heading without knowing where we have been. We live now with decisions and policies that were made long ago, said author Diane Ravitch in Left Back: A Century of Battles Over School Reform. "Before we attempt to reform present practices, we must try to learn why those decisions were made and to understand the consequences of past policies. History doesn't tell us the answers to our questions, but it helps to inform us so that we might make better decisions in the future."
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Diversity Fellows Create New Realities

    Since President Levine's 1999 call for an institution, "in which there is no 'us and them,''' (Report of the Summer 1999 Teachers College Task force on Diversity and Community), the faculty and staff have been attempting to create a working community committed to supporting diversity.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Doctoral Student in Learning Disabilities Reaches Out to the Middle East

    A TC doctoral student with a concentration in Learning Disabilities in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Maysaa Bazna, a Syrian citizen living in Kuwait, is proposing an initiative in the Middle East to improve the teaching of children with special needs.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Four New TC Trustees

    Four new members were elected to join the Teachers College Trustees this year. They are John Merrow, Executive Producer and President of Learning Matters Inc. and Executive Editor of "The Merrow Report"; Lorraine Monroe, Executive Director of the School Leadership Academy at the Center for Educational Innovation; Gillian Toledo, a third grade teacher in Seattle; and Arthur Zankel, General Partner of High Rise Partners, LP.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Honoring TC Alumni Who Have Made Their Mark

    Three such people were singled out to receive Distinguished Alumni Awards this year-Betty Sullivan for her work in media and education; Darlene Yee, for her research and practice in long-term care administration; and Edmund Gordon, for his work as an academic, a researcher and a consultant on issues relating to urban and minority education.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • In Memoriam (26:2)

    This section is a tribute to recently deceased alumni
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Joan Dye Gussow on the Politics of Food

    Joan Dye Gussow, an alumna of the College and the former Mary Swartz Rose Professor of Nutrition and Education, invented a course called "Nutritional Ecology." She shares the information developed in that course with the rest of the world in her latest book, This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader (Chelsea Green, 2001).
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Marian Wright Edelman Delivers Annual Marx Lecture

    Children in the United States are hungry. Some are homeless. Some are being abused. There are 12 million of them that need our help-even more now than they did before, said Marian Wright Edelman, TC's seventh Virginia and Leonard Marx lecturer.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Millie Almy, The Grandame of Early Childhood Education, Dies at 86

    Known in her field as the "Grandame" of Early Childhood Education, Millie Almy passed away quietly in Berkeley, California, on August 15. She was 86.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Professor George Bonanno On Traumatic Loss and Bereavement

    Assistant Professor George Bonanno, a scholar well-known for his work on bereavement and emotional issues, has recently published, with his colleagues, two new studies, Trauma and Bereavement: Examining the Impact of Sudden and Violent Deaths and Self-Enhancement as a Buffer Against Extreme Adversity: Civil War in Bosnia and Traumatic Loss in the United States.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Scholarships at Teachers College:

    Everyone connected with Teachers College agrees on the primary importance of scholarships.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Science Education at TC Takes the Initiative

    Angela Calabrese Barton, Associate Professor of Science Education and Coordinator of the Science Education Programs, returned to TC from the University of Texas at Austin this year with an activist agenda.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • TC on the Move and at Home

    The TC Alumni Relations Network continues to grow as Chapters of the Alumni Association or "alumni clubs" are in development in Connecticut, Northern New Jersey, Northern California, Seattle, South Florida, Washington, D.C., and Westchester County.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Teachers College and Its Alumni Respond to WTC Tragedy

    Teachers College and Its Alumni Respond to WTC Tragedy
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Teachers for East Africa and Teacher Education in East Africa Hold 40th Reunion

    Teachers for East Africa (TEA) and Teacher Education in East Africa (TEEA), two important projects that provided teachers for secondary schools and teacher training colleges in East Africa in the 1960s, held their 40th anniversary reunion in Washington, D.C., from September 20 to 23.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • The Ben and Grace Wood Legacy

    The late Dr. Ben and Grace Wood were among the greatest friends and supporters of Teachers College. Their legacy lives on in the form of the endowments they established-the Elbenwood Fund for Educational Research; the Ben D. Wood Fellowship Fund; and the Institute for Learning Technologies Fund.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Variations on a Blue Guitar: Maxine Greene on Aesthetic Education

    Lectures that have inspired thousands of teachers over the past 25 years have stacked up in Maxine Greene's files.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Young Women Are Not Adhering to Osteoporosis Prevention Programs

    In the first cross-sectional study of 321 women to assess osteoporosis knowledge, beliefs, and preventative behaviors-86 percent of the survey participants had heard of osteoporosis, but only 3 percent of the respondents reported getting both adequate exercise and the recommended calcium intake.
    Published: 1/1/2002

  • Communicating with Infants and Toddlers through Music

    Once a week, Custodero and her students meet with two separate age groups of children, infants and toddlers. In this setting, research intersects with practice as students and faculty members work directly with the children, watch them from the observation room and videotape the class for future study.
    Published: 9/1/2001