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Volume III, No. 4 ♦ 11/1997

  • Building a Planning Calendar

    Associate Dean William J. Baldwin has asked conference planners to help him build a planning calendar. By December 1, he wants information from event organizers about dates that are definite, dates that are tentative, and if specific room preferences exist, what those preferences are.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Chairs, Faculty, Management Network List Priorities for Budget 1999

    Heavy dependence on tuition revenue and the condition of facilities top the list of concerns listed by the TC community in response to a survey by the budget and planning office.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Chicago Renaissance Celebrated

    Professor Emeritus Robert Bone coined the term the Chicago Renaissance to describe the dramatic flowering of African-American culture in Chicago in the 1930s and 40s. Professor Bone was a featured lecturer at a symposium at Agnes Scott College from November 6-8, where scholars from literature, musicology, women's studies and African-American studies gathered to examine the music, artists and literary figures of the Chicago Renaissance.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Clifford Hill: Bringing East and West Together

    Professor Clifford Hill is actively exploring ways to improve education by bringing Western educational practices to China, and examining Eastern traditions with students at TC.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Examining the Choices and Challenges for People with Disabilities

    A two-day conference at TC on November 14 and 15 examined controversial issues pertaining to disability--from eugenics to support for assisted suicides. The conference, When Worlds Collide: Choices and Challenges for People with Disabilities, was sponsored by the Center for Outcomes and Opportunities for People with Disabilities at TC.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Gitavygodskaya Remembers Her Father, Lev Vygotsky, in TC Conferences

    In two related conferences between October 23-26, the relationships between theory and practice in education and in psychology were discussed over an intense four-day period. While several academic departments and their students--Curriculum and Teaching, Human Development, and International and Transcultural Studies-- sponsored and worked toward the success of the conferences, along with the Eureka Free Educational Center of Moscow, the initial idea for the blockbuster event was the brainchild of Professor Leslie Williams and Lois Holzman, Director of the East Side Institute for Short Term Therapy.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Joan Jeffri: A Volunteer for the Arts

    As Vice President of the Association of Arts Administration Educators, Joan Jeffri is exploring, with a research team, the possibility of compiling a directory of Arts Administration programs in the world.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Michelle Brown Nevers: A Lady Who Wears Many Hats

    When meeting Michelle Brown Nevers, you're immediately struck by the calm and confidence that she exudes. Why that's so, with all that she has on her plate, is a mystery.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • NY Commissioner Richard Mills and Father of Test Preparation Stanley Kaplan in Great Speaker Series

    Developing ways to improve public schools and to measure their progress was the topic of two addresses by guest lecturers in November.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Open Forum on Financial Priorities

    The first in a series of open forums on the financial priorities planning process took place October 29.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Professor Emeritus Schonbar Receives APA Award

    At the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in August, Professor Emeritus Rosalea A. Schonbar received the Karl F. Heiser Presidential Award.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Professor Leah Lapidus Speaks on Resiliency

    Clinical Psychology Professor Leah Lapidus, was keynote speaker at the annual meeting of Hale 'Opio Kaua'I, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps troubled youngsters and their families.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Roundtable Addresses Special Education Services

    Professor Linda Hickson moderated a roundtable discussion on redesigning the delivery of special education services as part of CEO & I's "Whirlwind Wednesday" on November 5.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Russian Educators Exchange Ideas with TC Faculty, Students

    Adamskaya was one of nine Russian educators who spent two weeks at TC working with Leslie Williams, Professor of Education, as part of a student-faculty exchange between the Eureka Free Educational Center of Moscow and Teachers College.
    Published: 11/20/1997

  • Teleconference Promotes Partnerships with Families

    TC was one of the sites of the November 5th interactive teleconference that discussed how teachers can involve families in educating students.
    Published: 11/20/1997