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Publications: Annual Report

The Teachers College Annual Report

1999 ♦ 12/1999

  • Going Off-Track: TC Alumna Michelle Fine Shows BookTalk Audience that Inclusive Classes Work

    Michelle Fine (Ph.D. in Social Psychology, 1980) showed one BookTalk audience a video she made about her research in Montclair, N.J., "Off-track Classroom: Privilege for All."
    Published: 3/1/1999

  • Peace Corps Fellow-Turned Associate-Reflects

    The Peace Corps Fellows program began in 1985 in response to "A Nation at Risk," which warned that an entire generation of children in the United States was being raised scientifically and technologically illiterate. The goal of the program is to provide inner-city schools with qualified, effective and committed teachers in critical subject areas.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Winter Roundtable '99: Confronting Race and Racism in Psychology and Education

    For two days in February for the past 16 years, the Winter Roundtable has brought together practitioners, researchers and students to explore cross-cultural issues in psychology and education.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Joyce B. Cowin: 'If you get a quality education, you will have confidence when you meet a challenge.'

    Joyce B. Cowin, TC alumna, TC Trustee since 1980 and Chair of the Heritage School Advisory Board, discussed the $3 million gift that she and her mother, Mrs. Sylvia Berger, gave to Teachers College for the construction of the student residence hall and conference center.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Christopher Scott: President of the Alumni Council

    The Alumni Council of Teachers College, under the leadership of President Christopher Scott, is charged with strengthening relationships between our alumni and the College. Dr. Scott is acutely aware that these relationships may take on different forms depending upon the unique and diverse backgrounds of our graduates.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Doctoral Student Awarded Fulbright to Study the Impact of Transitionary Educational Reform in Kazahkstan

    Carolyn Kissane, a doctoral candidate in the Comparative Education Program is doing her field work in Kazahkstan, for her dissertation, courtesy of a 1999-2000 Fulbright Full Grant. Transitionary Schooling in a Changing State: A Case Study of Two Primary Schools in Kazakhstan, will be Kissane's study of how instruction and pedagogical practice is changing from the inside out in this newly emerging country.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Memorial and Honorary Gifts

    We recognize with gratitude the following donors who have made memorial and honorary gifts to the TC Fund
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Scholarships

    One of Teachers College's most important priorities is enhancing the amount of its scholarship funds.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • TC Fund Plays an Important Part in The Campaign for Teachers College

    Education is a defining factor in the future of our nation and the world. Today's educator must master rapidly changing technology and meet the demands of the new dynamics of the classroom.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Financial Statements: Fiscal Year 1999

    Financial statements fiscal year 1999
    Published: 9/1/1999

  • Institute on Education and Government Hosts Governors' Policy Advisors

    The Institute on Education and Government hosted the 1999 Annual Institute for Governors' Education Policy Advisors. The event was co-sponsored by the National Governors' Association (NGA), Center for Best Practices and included representatives from more than 20 states.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Minority Postdoctoral Fellows

    Minority Postdoctoral Fellows 1999.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • New Institute for Learning in Organizations

    the College has established a new institute for learning in organizations with up to $2.5 million in underwriting from the J.M.Huber Corporation.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • New Leadership for the John Dewey Circle and Network

    Christina R. Davis is the 1999-2000 Chair of the John Dewey Circle, which was established in 1995 to honor donors whose generosity provides significant support for the mission of Teachers College.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Replications, Inc.

    Replications is the result of a new collaboration between Teachers College and several New York City public schools. John Elwell, a nationally known expert in school reform and the development of new schools, is the founding director of Replications.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Searching for Answers: A Groundbreaking Conference Explores the Social and Cultural Roots of Violence Against Children

    John Broughton, an associate professor of psychology and education at TC, was among more than 50 speakers at a multidisciplinary conference on "Children, Culture & Violence." The two-day program, sponsored by TC, Adelphi University, Long Island University, and the Glass Institute for Basic Psychoanalytic Research was designed to explore the cultural, clinical and educational dimensions of violence.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Balance Sheet August 31, 1999

    Balance Sheet August 31, 1999
    Published: 8/31/1999

  • Scholarship Administrators from Abroad Gather at TC for Professional Development

    Eight administrators of the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF), came to Teachers College for a four-week professional development program sponsored by the Global Foundation for Research and Scholarship in Tokyo. The program was directed by James Shields, a Project Coordinator at the Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation.
    Published: 3/1/1999

  • Associations, Corporations, and Foundations

    Foundation and corporate grants provide major support for a number of vital projects at Teachers College, including research and educational practice programs that have a direct impact on urban education nationally and internationally.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Leonard and Shirley Sacks

    Dr. Leonard Sacks, an alumnus of Teachers College in Special Education/Psychology ('59), has endowed a scholarship fund in the Department of Health and Behavior Studies in memory of his late wife, Dr. Shirley A. Sacks.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education

    A recent Education Week article discusses Professor Henry M. Levin's new role at Teachers College as director of the new National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education. The article, "Levin To Launch Privatization Center at Columbia," was printed on April 7, 1999. For more information, go to
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Dr. Ruth L. Gottesman : A $6.5 Million Gift to Establish the Library of the Future

    It was early evening when Ruth L. Gottesman, TC alumna, TC Trustee, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Fisher Landau Center for the Treatment of Learning Disabilities at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, arrived home. The self-effacing authority on learning disabilities who, with her husband David, recently committed $6.5 million to establish TC's library of the future, talked about her work with great enthusiasm. Relaxed in her living room, Gottesman spoke about the Center at Albert Einstein and what her doctorate from TC means to her.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • Sizers Call For Educators to Teach Integrity By Example

    Renowned educational reformer Theodore Sizer and his wife Nancy visited Teachers College to discuss their recent book, The Students Are Watching: Education and the Moral Contract, as part of the TC BookTalk series.
    Published: 1/1/1999

  • HONOR ROLL A Third Consecutive Record Year for Private Support

    The generosity of alumni, friends, faculty members, corporations and foundations have once again catapulted TC to new heights in achieving financial support for the fiscal year 1998-1999.
    Published: 1/1/1999