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Volume VIII, No. 1 ♦ 9/2002

  • We Too are Heroes

    The approaching anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center is on everyone's mind.
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • TC Works on Strategic Plan

    The Teachers College community is being asked to participate in formulating a shared vision for the future of the College and to determine how that vision can be implemented.
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Voucher Reform for New York City Schools?

    On Thursday June 27, 2002, the constitutional status of the Cleveland Scholarship Tutoring Program was upheld, or as USA Today tells it, "Supreme Court OKs school vouchers."
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Professional Development School Partnership Holds Conference at TC

    "We envision this conference as a working conference. We hope you will offer your ideas." So said Michele Genor, Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching and the interim director of the Professional Development School (PDS) program at Teachers College, in welcoming those in attendance at the May 30th PDS Conference and 4th Annual Sharing Fair.
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Vinz is Honored With The Enid and Lester Morse Chair in Teacher Education

    The Enid and Lester Morse Endowed Professorship in Teacher Education has been awarded to Ruth Vinz, former Chair of the Department of Arts and Humanities, Interim Dean during the Fall academic year 2001-2002, and Professor of English Education.
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Pearl Kane Honored with the Endowed Chair for the Director of the Klingenstein Center

    John Klingenstein, who has been a Trustee since 1979, and has served as Vice Chair since 1997, recently announced that he and his family were establishing The Klingenstein Family Chair for the Advancement of Independent School Education. The first recipient of the chair will be Associate Professor Pearl Rock Kane.
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Richard Colvin of the Los Angeles Times is the New Deputy Director of the Hechinger Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University

    Richard Lee Colvin, an award-winning education writer with the Los Angeles Times, this summer will become deputy director of the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media at Teachers College, Columbia University.
    Published: 5/31/2002

  • Susan Neuman Discusses Education Policy

    Assistant Secretary for the Department of Education Susan B. Neuman addressed seminar participants in the "Putting Children First" fellowship program hosted by the Center for Children and Families.
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Jeanne Brooks-Gunn: Early Head Start Children Outpace Peers

    According to Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Virginia and Leonard Marx Professor of Child and Parent Development and Education, "We looked at 17 Early Head Start sights across the country and randomly assigned children to a control group, or to receive the Early Head Start services at their site, and then we evaluated whether or not the children who were in Head Start looked different than did the children who were in the control group."
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Drexel University School of Education Visits TC

    After Drexel University's School of Education won the University's Departmental Award for 2001-2002, Dr. Fredricka K. Reisman, Director of the School of Education, decided to spend their stipend on a trip to Teachers College to discuss the creative prevention of school violence, emotional intelligence, and the arts.
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Chinese Delegates Visit TC

    Professor Fran Schoonmaker, Marion Boultbee, Director of International Services, and David Ment, Head of Special Collections and Associate Director of the Milbank Library, met with a delegation of educators from China's Nanjing Normal University.
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Philip H. Phenix, Proponent of Education for Reverence, Dies at Age 87

    Dr. Philip H. Phenix, the Arthur I. Gates Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, whose study in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Theology, Philosophy, and Education informed a lifelong search for final meaning, passed away quietly on July 13.
    Published: 7/25/2002

  • Second International Symposium of Hispanic Presence in the U.S.

    TC hosted the Second International Symposium of Hispanic Presence in the U.S. in collaboration with several Hispanic cultural institutions including the Spanish Consulate and the Instituto Cervantes of New York.
    Published: 9/1/2002

  • Teachers College Ranks High In

    In its annual rankings of "Top 100 Degree Producers," Black Issues in Higher Education listed Teachers College, Columbia University, as the number one institution awarding master's degrees in psychology to Asian-American students in the school year 2000-2001.
    Published: 6/20/2002

  • New York City's Best Public High Schools: A Parent's Guide

    Though it isn't a large number, 10 percent of the New York City public schools are good schools, Hemphill said at the TC BookTalk about her guidebook, New York City's Best Public High Schools: A Parent's Guide (TC Press).
    Published: 9/1/2002