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Volume X, No. 2 ♦ 10/2004

  • Framing The Arts

    Framing The Arts

    Seven years after Judith Burton founded Heritage School, her hand remains visible at that institution. And now the Teachers College art professor's fingerprints are evident in the new first-ever standardized arts curriculum, introduced in New York City public schools this past fall.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • New Faces: Bonnie Keilty

    New Faces: Bonnie Keilty

    Bonnie Keilty, Assistant Professor of Education in the Curriculum and Teaching Department, a new faculty member discusses special education and how to motivate students.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • Telling Stories: Lalitha Vasudevan

    Telling Stories: Lalitha Vasudevan

    Lalitha Vasudevan, TC's Minority Post-Doctoral Fellows for 2004-2005 look at speech and literacy through stories
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • The Art of Balance

    By giving parity to the arts, the Heritage School helps poorer students get to college.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • A Little Seoul Music

    A Little Seoul Music

    Most TC students dream of making an impact in the classroom. Hyeonjin (Jin) Yoon has changed popular culture, commerce and even a presidential election-and all with just a song.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • A Man with a Mission

    A Man with a Mission

    Minority students at a TC student’s charter school are outperforming whites statewide.
    Published: 10/14/2004

  • A Renewed Sense of Purpose

    A Renewed Sense of Purpose

    State of the College address highlights focus on educational equity
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • A Vital Grant

    A Vital Grant

    On June 7, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded $2.3 million to a consortium of the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL), Teachers College and William Patterson University to further develop Video Interactions for Teaching and Learning, or VITAL.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • Afghan Ed Summit

    Afghan Ed Summit

    Visitors from Afghanistan met recently with President Arthur Levine to discuss educational issues in that country.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • Say Yes Again!: $50M to Harlem schools, Teachers College partners with foundation to serve area students

    Say Yes Again!: $50M to Harlem schools, Teachers College partners with foundation to serve area students

    George Weiss of the Say Yes to Education Foundation announced a $50 million program to provide more than 400 kindergartners in five Harlem schools with full scholarships for advanced education upon graduation from high school.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • Speaking in Tongues

    Speaking in Tongues

    Teachers College Conference Re-Imagines a Multilingual World. The goals of the conference, which brought together research findings on multilingual schooling from across the globe, were twofold: to promote recognition and respect for traditional minority and indigenous languages; and-in the words of Professor Elana Shohamy of Tel Aviv University-to find ways of overcoming the social, political and educational obstacles that undermine "the imagined."
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • Mellon Schollars 2004-2005

    The Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) announced the 2004-2005 Mellon Visiting Scholars. The theme for the 2004-2005 lecture series is Ethics, Morality and Pedagogy.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • New Faces: Felicia Moore

    New Faces: Felicia Moore

    Felicia Moore, Assistant Professor of Science Education in the Mathematics, Science, and Technology Department, a new faculty member discusses science methods for early childhood education.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • People in The News: Ben Jacobs

    A doctoral student in the Social Studies and Education program, received for the 2004-2005 academic year the Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship in Jewish Studies.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • People in The News: Steve Thornton

    Professor of Social Studies and Education, wrote an article entitled, "Silence on Gays and Lesbians in Social Studies Curriculum," that appeared in Social Education (May/June 2003) and was judged to be one of the three "best learned articles" in an education periodical in 2003 by the Association of Education Publishers (EdPress).
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • Telling Stories: Angela Grice

    Telling Stories: Angela Grice

    Angela Grice, TC’s Minority Post-Doctoral Fellows for 2004-2005 look at speech and literacy through stories
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • Summer’s Swan Song

    Summer’s Swan Song

    The annual VPFA barbecue was held in Russell Courtyard at the end of August and hosted by the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • Student Senate Elections Results

    The Teachers College Student Senate held its 2004 elections. The following individuals were elected to open posts.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • The Welcome Wagon

    The Welcome Wagon

    The ambassadors will provide information about student life at TC and accompany visitors on personal tours of the campus.
    Published: 10/13/2004

  • Where You Live

    Where You Live

    A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of the new residence hall on West 121st Street.
    Published: 10/13/2004