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Volume IX, No. 7 ♦ 3/2004

  • Brown V. Board of Education

    Fifty years ago, a landmark case was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. The result of the ruling is still rippling through school districts throughout the country.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • The World Bank: Fix It or Nix It?

    The African Studies Working Group at TC hosted a student-moderated panel discussion entitled: “The World Bank: Fix It or Nix It? Problematizing the World Bank as an International Educational Institution–Positioning the Academe.”
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • New Academy for Research on Traumatic Stress at TC

    Philip Saigh, Professor of Psychology and Education, recently announced the formation of the Academy for Research on Traumatic Stress at TC.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • ETS Creates Edmund W. Gordon Chair for Policy Evaluation and Research

    In January, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Board of Trustees approved the creation of the Edmund W. Gordon Chair for Policy Evaluation and Research. The effort honored Gordon, the Richard March Hoe Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Education and Director of the Institute of Urban and Minority Education at TC.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • Amy Goodman Speaks About

    Comparing popular news coverage of the Iraqi conflict to “a video war game,” media critic and news reporter Amy Goodman spoke about the role of “Independent Media In a Time of War” on February 24th at Teachers College. Goodman, who hosts and produces the non-profit daily news program Democracy Now!, shared her views about the quality and the “spin” of war news presented to Americans via the major media outlets.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • A Technology Artist in Residence

    Judith Cramer, an Educational Technology Specialist at TC, spent 10 days in January as the first Technology Artist-in-Residence at the American Community School (ACS) outside London. Cramer was invited by TC student Patricia Davies, who is High School Computer Head of Department at ACS.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • TC and Listen Up! Co-Host “The Way We See It: Youth Speak Out on Education”

    Imagine asking teenage youths across the country two simple questions: “What makes a school worth going to?” and “What makes a teacher worth listening to?"
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • Mildred Montag, 95, Dies

    Mildred Montag, Professor Emerita of Teachers College, died January 21st at the Westhampton Care Center. She was 95.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • Mayhew Derryberry Revisited

    Nearly everyone today recognizes the impact of public health education campaigns: messages to quit smoking, use seat belts and reduce cholesterol, for example, have changed behavior and saved millions of lives. But almost no one outside the field knows the man who pioneered many of the modern concepts of public health education
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • Exploring Fat Attitudes

    What does it mean to be fat? And, moreover, what does it mean to be a woman who is fat?
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • Work on Diversity Action Plan Continues

    In her State of the College address, Academic Vice President and Dean Darlyne Bailey stressed that one of her priorities was to “craft an educational community broad and deep enough to safely hold all of us.”
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • Mural Unveiled in Whittier Hall

    A set of ceramic tiles forming a mural specially created for TC, was recently unveiled in the lobby of Whittier Hall. Tom Lollar, an eminent muralist who has worked around the world creating installation pieces, created the work.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • Interactive Video Learning System Developed

    Working in conjunction with the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL), Herbert Ginsburg, the Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Psychology and Education at Teachers College, has developed a system to make the inclusion of video object lessons in classroom instruction more efficient and interactive.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • Book Drive for NYC Students

    Volunteers help the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project put together $90,000 worth of books for New York City’s 3rd grade classrooms in February in Horace Mann auditorium.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • TC Community Breakfast

    Emmalyn Yamrick gives out a free t-shirt at the TC Community Breakfast on March 24th. The Breakfast, hosted by the Office of the President–Diversity and Community, was designed to help the TC Community to get to know each other better.
    Published: 3/30/2004

  • Custodial Training

    Custodial Manager Wilson Quintero, second from left, shows off a Certificate of Completion
    Published: 3/30/2004