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Volume X, No. 6 ♦ 3/2005

  • Sound Teaching

    Sound Teaching

    Dual master's candidate Carolyn Woods, a deaf student in the deaf education and elementary education programs, is breaking new ground as a deaf student teacher in a hearing classroom.
    Published: 3/25/2005

  • Spreading the News

    Spreading the News

    Human Resources' Maggie Garnier leads a double life as a gospel singer.
    Published: 3/23/2005

  • The Field Reacts

    The Field Reacts

    A panel of five experts concurred with most of the core findings in TC President Arthur Levine’s study of America’s university-based programs that prepare principals and superintendents. However, several took issue with some of Levine’s recommendations—most notably his call to do away with the Ed.D. degree awarded to many principals.
    Published: 3/23/2005

  • A Busy Summer for Aspiring Principals

    A Busy Summer for Aspiring Principals

    TC’s new summer academy for school leaders is just one facet of a broader change initiative.
    Published: 3/11/2005

  • Filling the School Leadership Vacuum

    Filling the School Leadership Vacuum

    TC’s president assesses the nation’s education leadership programs and calls for an overhaul of the system. Link to report inside.
    Published: 3/14/2005

  • Lessons from Liberia

    Lessons from Liberia

    The event featured the documentary film, Liberia, America’s Stepchild, on Liberian human rights issues, and a talk from human rights attorney Tiawan Gongloe, who was persecuted in Liberia for his political beliefs.
    Published: 3/23/2005

  • Pondering the Study of Education

    Pondering the Study of Education

    TC faculty member Robbie McClintock believes education schools are weakened by a “blurring of academic and professional purposes.”
    Published: 3/11/2005

  • Summertime Blues

    Summertime Blues

    Burt Konowitz, TC Adjunct Professor of Music and leader of the improv ensemble Spirit, at a jazz improvisation session in Horace Mann Auditorium. Konowitz is running a one-of-a-kind summer improv camp for city youth.
    Published: 3/23/2005

  • Talking About Books

    Talking About Books

    Maxine Greene, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Education, discusses Graeme Sullivan’s book Art Practice As Reseach.
    Published: 3/23/2005

  • Desktop Donation Debuts

    Desktop Donation Debuts

    The Office of Development has launched a new Web site, and beginning with the TC home page, viewers will be given an opportunity to learn how they can help support the College -- without leaving their computer.
    Published: 3/23/2005

  • Ship

    Ship's Ahoy

    The annual Winter Party, held at President Levine’s house on February 24.
    Published: 3/23/2005

  • In Contract

    In Contract

    An agreement was reached between Teachers College and Local Union No. 707 that was signed and authorized in February. Union 707 represents the custodial, security and trades staff at TC.
    Published: 3/23/2005

  • In Brief

    This Month's In Brief include The Winter Round Table, John Allegrante, Thomas Sobol, Project Citizen and Aimee Lapointe Terosky.
    Published: 3/23/2005