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Volume X, No.8 ♦ 6/2005

  • Mixing Methods to Learn

    Mixing Methods to Learn 'What Works'

    There are the Reading Wars, the Math Wars, the School Choice Wars and then there is the war over how to settle all the other wars. At its root are the questions: What research methods help us know what really works in education? What constitutes valid evidence that a program helps students? TC Professor Madhabi Chatterji explains.
    Published: 7/13/2005

  • A Teacher

    A Teacher's Story

    MacArthur Award-winning teacher and author Vivian Paley speaks in Milbank Chapel to members of the Universal Preschool Programs of Region 10.
    Published: 6/21/2005

  • Alumni Relations

    Alumni Relations

    Ruth Westheimer, popular sex therapist and alumna of Teachers College, spoke to prospective students on May 6 during TC's Admitted Student Weekend.
    Published: 6/21/2005

  • Child of the World

    Child of the World

    While other children were planning to be firefighters or veterinarians, Tonya Muro was dreaming different dreams.
    Published: 6/21/2005

  • Killing The Sky

    Killing The Sky

    My father stayed with his legal job and took care of his family. That's why I respected him. But what when it comes down to respecting people on some gangstas, I had all the bad role models, people who been locked up, people who got shot, people who shot people, that's who I respect.
    Published: 6/21/2005

  • Pop Goes The Culture

    Pop Goes The Culture

    Popular Culture and Pop Education called for an end to the view that popular culture is the enemy of education.
    Published: 6/21/2005

  • Michael Rebell to Lead Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College

    Michael Rebell to Lead Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College

    Michael A. Rebell, "lead counsel and strategist in the nation's most prominent school finance lawsuit has been named to lead the newly launched Campaign for Educational Equity at Teachers College, Columbia University. The Campaign seeks to overcome the gap in educational access and achievement between America's most and least advantaged students.
    Published: 6/9/2005

  • Commencement 2005: Welcome to the Fight

    Commencement 2005: Welcome to the Fight

    "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." With those words, borrowed from an American education reformer Horace Mann, TC President Arthur Levine bid farewell to the mass of doctoral students eagerly waiting to exit the ornate halls of Riverside Church. For more coverage of commencement -- including an account written by TC Board of Trustees co-chair Jack Hyland of Judy Collins' rendition of "Amazing Grace"
    Published: 6/7/2005

  • Diversity Is the Theme at AERA

    Diversity Is the Theme at AERA

    It’s the world’s foremost gathering of education researchers (12,000 from 53 countries), and its theme this year was “Demography and Democracy in the Era of Accountability.” So it’s not surprising that the 2005 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), held in Montreal in early April, drew more than 162 presenters, panel participants and session chairs from Teachers College alone.
    Published: 6/1/2005